Run Like Someone Is Chasing You

cold stone creamery sundae

  I have finally matured enough to be able to see the bright side to an almost-sad ice cream situation. Normally when Cold Stone Creamery is out of my favorite chocolate-dipped waffle bowls, I complain, huff and then puff, complain again and then storm out. Saturday night however, I realized that no waffle bowl meant no chance […]

Just a Runner Who Likes Ice Cream

“You are not cool, mom. You are just a runner who likes ice cream.” Correction dear child of mine. I am all about the chocolate dipped bowl. With sprinkles. And fudge, whipped cream, cookie dough, chocolate chips…. I can probably do with or without the ice cream. But thank you for referring to me as […]

My So-Called Double Life

Rise and shine friends! I’m back from being unplugged. Just in time for Monday. The weekend went so fast, especially while I disconnected for a bit from technology. Isn’t it funny how a weekend of only 48 hours can seem like a lifetime away from the weekly routine? When the little boy is with his […]

DInner Detox

Yesterday’s spin class was just OK. You know those days where you feel great, nothing is sore but it is just an OK experience? That was yesterday. I wanted to walk out. I spent the first 30 minutes plotting my escape. At the 45 minute mark, I was still mapping out my route around the […]

A Saturday Run and a Confession

Do you hear that? Listen close…it is the sound of silence. The little boy is at his dad’s this weekend. He was picked up last night before dinner and he will be back tomorrow night. Don’t think for one minute that I slept in. Nope. Was up bright and early to get my long run […]

You Better Have Godiva

Awww. How sweet is my little 9 year old making his mommy a card all by himself. Can you read the post script at the bottom? I know, not easy to read right? I battle him every day not to rush through his school work and homework because rushing makes his handwriting illegible. Ugh boys…Or […]

Run Like Someone Is Waiting For You to Finish

I woke up bright and early this morning looking forward to my favorite spin class. You know that feeling when you just know you have it in you for a great run or work out? My muscles felt fresh and ready and I was so pleased given the fact that yesterday’s workout was kinda crummy. […]

After the Storm

So putting the boy to work didn’t go exactly as planned. He did figure out which car was mine (they were all so buried we really couldn’t decide). And then he was done. He lasted 5 minutes. The next 90 minutes were on me to dig my car out. Normally our landscaping crew is here […]

The Bright Side of the Blizzard

Good thing I planned ahead and ran on Thursday instead of today. Easily 2 feet of snow. Now, I am really not one to complain, so let’s look on the bright side, shall we? I was able to make it to the grocery store and stock up on the rest of my essentials: I also […]

The Snack Debate

Friday already, wow the week went fast! The run in the wind I had planned for yesterday didn’t happen. I realized as I stepped outside that I may actually risk getting blown into a bush or into traffic therefore I opted for the gym in my community. Elliptical machine it was. Oh well. I will […]