Not The Workout Week I Planned (weekly workout recap)

matzoh ball soup

Last week was not the week I had in mind. I was so excited initially for the holiday week – Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, being off from work, Islanders games, and most especially, to run on Thanksgiving morning. Everything changed when I suddenly found myself sick with a bad cold. It was definitely not the […]

Sick Food Favorites & Weekend Stuff

black and white cookie

  I mentioned in yesterday’s workout recap post that I was really sick Thursday night so I have spent the weekend trying to feel better. There’s never a good time to be sick but at least it happened now instead of in two weeks for my son’s Bar Mitzvah! Um, can we believe that the […]

I Was Sick/Half Marathon Training Week #1


  This is not exactly the training recap post I planned to write when I started entering my workouts earlier this week. I ended up with a terrible virus Thursday night which derailed me and the rest of the week’s training! It all happened so suddenly. I mean, I sort of felt like I had […]

Stomach Virus Finds Me Again & Workout Recap

bagels and food while sick

It’s Monday, not Sunday. I don’t want to confuse you with posting my workout recap today instead of yesterday! I gave myself the weekend off after coming down with a stomach virus late Thursday night which left me useless Friday, on the mend on Saturday and slowing returning to normal but tired by yesterday. Stomach […]

2015 Long Island Half Marathon Recap

LI Half Race Medal

  1:51:20. One hour, fifty-one minutes and twenty seconds. Not exactly the finish time I envisioned when I registered and not the finish time I thought about at the start of taper week but I guess I am lucky I was able to run at all after being sick. Let’s talk about it, shall we? I finished. […]

I Was Sick/Taper Week/LI Half Today

bakery cookies

  I did not intend to skip Friday’s post but I also didn’t intend to get sick Thursday night! Oh. My. Goodness. I caught a hint of my son’s stomach virus which is bad any time of the year BUT ESPECIALLY HORRENDOUS three days before a half marathon! I am feeling better now but it was not fun. Not […]

All Holidayed-Out

  Something interesting happened after we spoke yesterday morning. I didn’t feel well. It was a short-lived bout with “not feeling well” but I was nauseous enough to know that there was no way I could go for a run. Or even a walk. Or attempt any form of my 30 minutes a day. Doesn’t […]

Make It All Better With Cookies

Well hello….I wish I had a fun weekend recap for you but I really didn’t do much other than try to feel better and back to myself. You know what the secret is to officially putting yourself on the mend? Yep. A nice bakery cookie. All day on Saturday I felt that I needed a big cookie – you know, […]

No Long Run For Me

Fact: I have not missed my weekly long run since the week I added the run to my routine almost two years ago. If for some reason I couldn’t run on a Saturday, I adjusted my schedule accordingly to get the long run in Thursday or Friday. New fact: I am missing today’s long run. I randomly came […]