Friday Favorites (Target Finds + J.Crew Sales + Beads)

bead bracelets

I live for the memes circulating social media right now including this little funny below. I mean, there’s nothing funny about what’s going on here in my area (or anywhere in the world) right now, but you gotta try to find something to make you laugh. In other news, I’m happy to announce that I […]

My Swimsuit Shopping Mindset + Swimsuit Cover Ups For This Season


  I’ve been in the market for new swimsuits this season and found the most perfect bikini over the weekend! I’m really good about swimsuit shopping, even if it can take a while to locate the bikini tops and bottoms that are right for me. The mindset I’ve always had when it comes to swimsuit […]

Birthday Fun in the City & Dinner at Hillstone

forty carrots frozen yogurt

  Monday birthdays can actually be really amazing. It’s waking up on Tuesday to realize it’s only Tuesday and you have to jump back into regular life after your birthday that can be a bit of a problem. The first day of 39 though was worth being beyond tired yesterday to the point where I skipped […]

Links I Am Loving

Links I am Loving!

  I can’t remember the last time I missed a Thinking Out Loud post but it happened yesterday. It wasn’t totally intended. I’ve been having small issues with my site every afternoon which combined with trying to keep up with my massive writing workload for work kept me from posting. I reach a point in the day […]

cake for lunch, new clothes to report & other stuff

cake tasting

  This weekend was packed with everything I needed right now: A Saturday long run, cake for lunch, completing my son’s packing for camp AND a really long but productive day of shopping at the mall for clothes. I think the highlight of Bar Mitzvah planning so far was Saturday’s cake tasting at the bakery where we are having the cake […]

TOL – Shopping Is My Cardio

Dior favorites

  Our Thinking Out Loud host is currently on a beach in Hawaii and while I hope she is having the best time, the selfish side of me really misses talking to her every day. Amanda is one of my closest friends, even if we have never met in person! I know I have told […]

It’s Black Friday, Of Course I Woke Up Hungry

  Happy Friday! How was your Thanksgiving? It doesn’t feel like Friday, right? Nor does it feel like the color black. I don’t know what it feels like, I just know that as predicted,  I have woken up hungry. That would be my loaded up plate from last night. You can be sure I went […]

13.1 Miles and Red Mango News

Good morning and Happy Sunday to you! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and that the weather in your area is feeling like fall. I love all of the seasons for different reasons but come on, fall is the best. Especially when you can run in conditions that look like this. Do you […]