Sex and the City Stuff + Magnolia Bakery + Fashion Faves

magnolia cupcake

Are we going to talk about the Sex And The City 2 series, And Just Like That? I don’t want to spoil anything but if you have already watched the first episode or heard the “big” details, read this article for some clarity and to feel better about the shocking start to the series. I watched […]

Happiness, Pet Peeves & Fleet Week

Red Mango parfait

  This photo defines my current happiness. Like if I had my own personal dictionary, the word happiness would include this photo right below my definition to further demonstrate what happiness means to me. Happiness: A Red Mango parfait for lunch which can be enjoyed outdoors on a beautiful Spring day. Do people still use […]

My life is a sex and the city episode

Times Square

  When Sex and the City was the new hit HBO sitcom way back in the late 1990’s,  I couldn’t relate to very much other than Manhattan being my playground and of course, the pretty shoes. I was in the city last night actually! I wasn’t having the dating and life experiences back then that Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha spoke […]

Thinking Out Loud

pink adidas

  I think I have finally grown up. Or at least matured in my thought processes. Normally, if someone tells me a story or current life issue, I quickly liken their experience to an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. However, in the last week, I find myself comparing my friend’s experiences to Sex and the City instead. Major […]

Thinking Out Loud – Dating After Divorce

  I made sure we filled up some cups last night before the  Cinco De Mango Five Dollar Fill-Ups promotion ended. Don’t you just love this time of year? I always have. Of course my love of springtime might have something to do with my birthday next week but even beyond that, I just love […]