My Recent GYNO Experience With My Weight & The Scale

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  Just a quick foot update! I went to the foot doctor yesterday (because I dropped a shampoo bottle on the top of my foot which I mentioned in my post yesterday) and it’s not broken! He took X-Rays and everything looks good but he said I did the right thing not running on it. […]

I Don’t Own A Scale

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Yesterday was a long day. A beautiful, wonderful and fun day but a long day just the same. Although, who am I to properly judge what qualifies as a long day? Normally by 9:00 am, I have already put in a full day and would easily put my pajamas back on and call it a […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Life Without The Scale Part Two

  I really shouldn’t have labeled this post as a Part Two. I mean, sequels are not usually as good as the original. Except maybe Back To The Future, Part Two. I really liked that movie. But was it better than the first? Not so sure. This post is more of a follow-up, more of my attempt […]

Three Tip Tuesday – A Life Without The Scale

  In case you were wondering, Edible Arrangements didn’t run any super spectacular Cyber Monday deals. I know this because I checked. To send one to myself. Anyway, I would happily bet you an Edible Arrangement that if we surveyed everyone reading this blog today, a majority of you would say you weighed yourself on a regular […]