Weekend Rambling + Dinner At Salt

poke bowl

  Life is returning to normal with the bunny back from his teen tour. It takes some adjusting on both ends for us, that’s for sure. He slept for 17 hours the first night, then woke up and wanted to go straight to my parents’ house. I had ZERO ISSUE with that as it works […]

The Week, The Workouts & Apple Crisp

apple crisp

  Linking up with Meg’s Week in Review! Last week saw the return to our back to school routine as well as my usual running schedule. After a cut back week, I felt fresh and ready to roll out there! I have been running a bit later in the morning though as my son decided to take the bus […]

Empty Fridge, Wild Fig & M&M’s (WIAW)

  You would think that with all of this free time on my hands since my son is away at sleep away camp that I would have my posts well written and finished in advance. Not the case right now, not the case at all. I made myself such a list of things to do […]

thinking out loud June 18, 2015

salad from diner

When you find a pair of sandals in your closet that you completely forgot you owned, you feel as though your wardrobe has been reinvented. I have been wearing these gold sandals all week, including yesterday morning when I had to sit and wait for my car’s oil change and inspection. I really don’t mind waiting because […]

WIAW – Finally Used My Frozen Bananas

chick pea avocado salad

  My little baby may be a big shot at the current age of ten but when he is asleep in the backseat of my car, he looks just like he did when he was a toddler. I used to drive around in circles back then just to get him to sleep since he refused […]

WIAW – Plant-Based Works For Me

  I surprised myself and ran six colorful miles yesterday morning. I guess I  was shocked to have felt like running again. I know I run a whole lot but a race is just different. The adrenaline combined with keeping up a quick pace for over 13 miles is taxing. Even with Monday’s easy shake out run, I sort of […]