Recent Meals: Leftovers + Air Fried Chinese Food + Fudge

veggie pizza

Oh, hi. It’s Wednesday already! I have a few recent meals to quickly discuss so let’s get to it… I think this sort of counts as Thanksgiving leftovers. With leftover roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus plus sweet potato and mashed cauliflower, I combined it all in a bowl and added chickpeas. It was delicious. Who […]

Recent Meals From Dirty Taco + Pete The Greek

dirty taco guacamole

I couldn’t remember exactly when I last went to Dirty Taco but I knew it was prior to the pandemic. Thanks to my blog, I was able to determine my last meal there and here it is — the last time I went to Dirty Taco was back in February, before the pandemic, and during the time […]

Penny On Heads + Glossier Faves + Friday Finds

salad and bagel

Woah, what a week. Starting with the holiday on Monday, everything felt packed in and thrown off. Work is so busy (which is such a good thing!), and the shortened week threw off my days. Before I knew it, it was Friday. As in today. As in, I missed Wednesday’s post and am about to […]

First Indoor Dining + Mixing Up My Salad Ingredients

rothmanns sushi

I had my first indoor dining experience since March over the weekend at Rothmann’s. Certainly not a bad place to start! While I don’t eat steak, the menu is still packed with other options that I love. We had the mozzarella tower to start. I ordered two sushi rolls plus shared the steakhouse side dishes […]

What I Ate on Saturday + How I Make Overnight Oats


Let’s do today’s food post in the traditional What I Ate Wednesday style by looking at what I ate on Saturday. Saturday was my boardwalk run day during which I ran 10 miles. Some people assume that running 10 miles means you become extra hungry but I didn’t feel any different than any other day […]

Recent Meals + Best Margarita Pizza + Cookie Dough Ice Cream

chops salad

  So I finally tried a slice of margarita pizza from Stew Leonard’s. And um, it was absolutely delicious. Like so delicious that I was confused about how it could be one of the best slices of pizza I’ve ever had. Although why be confused? I am in New York. Even if Stew Leonard’s is […]

Food Highlights (Lunch at Chopt + Sushi + Pizza)

bbq ranch salad

This post is in no particular order in terms of which day I ate what but that’s ok, right? We can just call it a bunch of food highlights since last week’s Heat Wave Appetite post. I met a friend for lunch at Chopt the other day. We ordered ahead so the salads were waiting […]

Oatmeal in a Jar + Cauliflower Pizza? + Salads

oatmeal in a jar

  It’s Wednesday already! Time to share recent meals. When I finished a jar of peanut butter last week, I thought ahead to save the empty jar for my oatmeal. Remember when oatmeal in a jar was a thing? I really think it’s not a thing anymore but I’m making it a thing again. I […]

Recent Meal Highlights From The Last Few Days


I’ve had some problems with my site this week in terms of logging in so if you have experienced issues loading the blog too, I do apologize. Just a few food photos to share but really, is any week that different from the week before? I mean, maybe just a little this time around as […]

Salt Cravings + Stir Fry Bowls + Levain Bakery!

levain cookie

  Okay, so first, here’s a picture of my cold oatmeal that I had post-run on the boardwalk on Sunday. There’s nothing pretty about it but it’s what I eat every single morning for years. Oatmeal (steel-cut and rolled oats cooked together) with cinnamon, sea salt, blueberries, and peanut butter. When I have other berries […]

Pizzas and Salads (plus some thoughts on camp)

pizza bagel

  You know my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza from Mario’s that I eat with a salad, right? Well, this combination actually became my favorite dinner during the summer of 2018. My son was away on his teen tour when I discovered this was my meal and I continue to eat weekly, two years later. Speaking […]

What Day Is It + Went To Trader Joe’s (!!) + Recent Meals

trader joe's

  Well I’m officially screwed up on the days of the week this week. I know, I know. We have all been screwed up since March but for real this week, with Monday off from work combined with what feels like an endless blur of doing my own nails, I just do not know what […]