Lots of Matzoh Ball Soup + My Favorite Peanut Butter Is Back!

matzoh ball soup

  I know I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been living on matzoh ball soup over the last week. Last night for dinner at Ben’s was no different. The pickles and cole slaw at Ben’s is always the best. I love sour pickles. Always have, always will. Like if there’s a sour pickle on the table, […]

Recent Meals + A Few Trader Joe’s Must-Haves

cookie mug hangers

Jumping right into a few recent meals plus current favorites from Trader Joe’s! My routine Chopt order lately is this: Romaine Crispy Chickpeas Avocado Beets Corn Pickled Onions Hearts of Palm Lemon Tahini I randomly made a vegan BLT with avocado on toasted Ezekiel bread for dinner the other night. It was very good! The […]

Recent Meals On A Friday


Is it okay to share recent meals on a Friday instead of Wednesday?! There’s no particular order here to what I’ve been eating. Just a quick round-up of what’s been on my plate. Here’s another big salad bowl from CAVA! I usually stop into CAVA once a week. I will definitely give them credit for […]

Sentence Per Picture – Recent Meals


  I took a bite of my whole wheat margarita pizza before taking the picture. This was a nice big vegetarian salad bowl from Maoz while shopping at the mall. Another big, beautiful veggie-loaded salad at the beach with fresh guacamole as my salad dressing. I told you that I don’t cut my own watermelon […]

First Iced Coffee of Season + Recent Meals + Pizza Superstition

iced coffee

I had my first iced coffee of the season. Decaf iced coffee, actually. I’ve been drinking less coffee over the last few months and surprisingly, I don’t miss the extra cup that I cut out of my daily routine. I also don’t notice that I subbed one regular cup of coffee for decaf in the […]

Recent Meals (and bakery cookies!)

bakery cookies

I’ve been extra bad at taking pictures of what I’ve been eating lately. The good news is that I basically eat the same foods on a regular rotation so you really aren’t missing much! Although, there was a pretzel in the city recently from a pretzel cart street vendor — it’s a shame I didn’t […]

Recent Meals + Lunch At The Smith


  It’s Wednesday already and going to be warm here in New York today! I have a few recent meals to share today including an extra special lunch at The Smith earlier this week. Let’s start with pizza! I added a little bit of extra sauce on top of this whole wheat vegetable slice. While […]

Mandarin Oranges vs. Clementines + Plus A Few Recent Meals

Sicilian Pizza

Well, suddenly it’s Wednesday and I’m here to talk food yet I don’t have much food to show you today. Oops. I haven’t taken a picture of the salads I’ve been eating daily at home because they look the same as every other week. I’ve been eating a lot of the cutie clementines, or so […]

Lots of Recent Meals To Share + Cauliflower Pizza

trader joe's

  I have lots of recent meals to share today so let’s jump right in! Finally, a slice of whole wheat pizza and a salad again for dinner. It had been at least a week, maybe two weeks, since I had last had pizza! That’s a long time to go without pizza for me! Okay, […]

Quick Look At Recent Meals + Recipe I Will Make Next

whole wheat vegetable pizza

I’ve been eating a lot of the same meals on repeat lately (not that I ever really vary my diet) so I don’t have much to share today. I did want to check in today though! Happy Wednesday. Whole wheat vegetable pizza for dinner…it’s becoming a weekly thing once again. I think I’m eating this […]

Why I Don’t Focus On What I Eat + Recent Meals

monte villa pizza

  I don’t actively consider what I’m eating in relation to my running and activity level anymore. There was a time when nutrition was more of a focus for me but these days, it’s not something I consciously think about. Here’s why I don’t really think about what I eat: I run much less. I […]

Hot Cocoa Bomb + Recent Salads + Missing Disney

hot cocoa bomb

So suddenly the hot cocoa bomb is all the rage, right? I received a hot cocoa bomb as a corporate holiday gift (what a great gift to send someone!) but of course, my son took it from me. He used the snow day as his excuse to need my hot chocolate. So basically, you drop […]