Early Friday Favorites From The Week

sicilian pizza

Please don’t let me confuse you. Today is Thursday. I’m popping in today instead of tomorrow and missed yesterday’s post. Did we realize it’s September? This alone confuses me. Every summer I say, but where did the summer go? And this year especially I say BUT WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? I mentally outline the […]

Weekend Rambling + Dinner At Salt

poke bowl

  Life is returning to normal with the bunny back from his teen tour. It takes some adjusting on both ends for us, that’s for sure. He slept for 17 hours the first night, then woke up and wanted to go straight to my parents’ house. I had ZERO ISSUE with that as it works […]

Thinking Out Loud in Survey Form

favorite foods

  Both Michele and Amanda tagged me to complete the latest survey going around so I figured today would be a good day to answer a bunch of random questions. Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name: 1. Mommy 2. Meemo  – My mother always called me this growing up and my friend […]

A Bad Run Plus a Spontaneous Day in Manhattan

I did not have a good run yesterday morning. At all. Three Ways To Set Yourself Up For Disaster: 1 – WARM UP – I know we are supposed to warm up before running but I have found that for me, if I start out walking even more than 10 steps from my front door, I don’t run as well. […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Playlist

Rise and shine friends! OK my early morning perkiness today is totally an act. I am extremely tired and had major trouble getting out of bed today which is so not like me. Thank goodness for coffee. Speaking of coffee, has anyone ordered from the Starbucks secret menu yet? I haven’t, but I did order […]