Kid In A Candy Store (workouts from last week)


Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend even though it signifies the end of summer. I put my beach bag away for the season and that’s really sad for me. Like, fall is fine and it also brings the start of hockey season but to me, nothing beats summer. Last Week’s […]

Workout Variety + Figuring Out Equinox Routine


So I’m still in the mindset of not wanting to write a weekly workout recap each week but I did join Equinox so I feel like I should give some updates on how that’s going. I love it. It’s been so fun and rejuvenating to my workout routine and mornings! I don’t think I even […]

Workout Updates: Joining The Gym? + lululemon Finds


I have some workout updates for today! Last Week’s Workouts Last week was the second (or third?) week in a row that I didn’t write my daily workouts down to share them in detail on the blog. It definitely feels weird but nice at the same time! Sometimes we just need a change to routine, […]

Not A Weekly Workout Recap Post


Last week was the first time in oh, nine years, that I didn’t keep track of my workouts in order to write a blog post. I’m such a routine person that it’s actually weird for me to say that I’m tired of the routine of sharing my workouts each week. We all know my workouts […]

Last Week’s Workouts + Vacation Week!


On Friday I mentioned being excited about a summer weekend with a run at the beach. Well, the weather was definitely “summer” in that the forecast went from sunny to random downpours both Saturday and Sunday. At the last minute Saturday morning, I decided to run by the house instead of the beach because the […]

Workouts From Last Week


It’s amazing what early sunrises, warm weather, and the beach can do for my running mood. I’m so much more likely to run longer, more often, and even faster in the summer although I’m hoping that come fall, I still want to run as much as I do during the warmer months. While so many […]

Summer Running Weekly Workout Recap


Ah, I love the summer. I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. I spent most of my time at the beach, outside, and enjoying my workouts. As I say often, summer is my running season. My interest in running is up. My mileage is up, my distance per run is going up, and my […]

20 Mile Week (weekly workout recap)


I hit 20 miles for the week which is a lot of running for me these days but in line with what many weeks this summer could and should look like. Four runs, two back to back, one on the boardwalk — a really good running week! Last Week’s Workouts Monday – 5 Miles Tuesday […]

Workout Recap + Red Mango


Last week’s workout recap spoke about how I ran five days with higher mileage than usual and now this week, I only have two runs to report. It happened this way for no real reason (well, rainy days added to it!) but I’m hoping to run a bit more again this coming week. Before getting […]

Love a Long Weekend (weekly workout recap)


I love a long weekend! I’ve been off since Friday and have really enjoyed the lack of routine and unofficial start of summer. Aside from one morning in the last week, the weather has been nice enough for outdoor runs or walks. While Saturday’s weather went from nice to stormy to nice, I’ve been at […]