New Running Shoes (AGAIN) + Weekly Workout Recap

hoka bondi

I knew I was opening up a can of worms when I decided that I wanted new running shoes. Can I just say I told you so to myself? Because I told myself so. I ran in the Brooks Glycerins a few times and while at first, I thought they were fine because I liked […]

I Think I Want New Running Shoes (weekly workout recap)

brooks ghost 14

I don’t even want to have the running shoe conversation. Nope, don’t want to go there. Technically, I do not need new running shoes. My Brooks Ghosts 14’s are not burned out just yet. But. I don’t love them. There, I said it. The Ghost 14’s lack the level of cushion that I prefer and […]

Friday Fashion Faves + Stoney Clover Picnic Collection

stoney clover picnic collection

Just a few Friday Favorites for today! First, can we just discuss again how I thought this colorway of my new Brooks Ghost 13’s was boring? It’s not boring! I really like the subtleness of the gray, and, I think I would go out of my way to order this color again on purpose. Maybe […]

Don’t Need A Race + Not The Outdoors Type!

Adidas energy boosts

  While running the other morning, a lady driving in my neighborhood opened her window to ask me a question. I politely removed my headphones (not something I like to do) at which point she asked me if I was training for a race. Um, no? She looked a little confused and drove off. My […]

New Running Shoes + Training Plan (workout recap)

4 miles

    It was an overall hot, humid and busy week! Running still felt nice as I already know to adjust my mindset and pace according to the weather. I am really just happy to run every morning, not caring about specific workouts or pushing myself to move any faster than what feels comfortable on […]

Running Shoes & Would You Be My Friend? (TOL)

running shoes

I am really good at rotating my running shoes. I never wear one pair of running shoes for more than a day in a row EXCEPT when I get a new pair. Then I can’t help myself from wearing the new pair of running shoes a few days in a row because I am so excited about how […]

Running Shoes, Ready For March & TOL

running shoes

I am still laughing about what almost happened to me early Monday morning when I came so close to leaving the house for the gym in two different pairs of running shoes. Has this ever happened to you? Did you catch it before or after you left the house? I am glad I noticed right […]

Writing Things Down, Running Shoes, Bar Mitzvah Reminders (TOL)

heather and me

Just when I truly need to be writing things down the most in my Erin Condren Life Planner, I completely stopped using it this week. I make no sense. There have been an overwhelming amount of details that I need to keep track of right now yet I am flying by the seat of my pants, […]

totally random thinking out loud

Adidas Energy Boosts

Is it just me or did something recently change with Instagram? It stopped giving me the most recent posts in my feed and instead shows me random posts from random times. I do not like it at all which must explain why I stopped scrolling through my feed. Don’t think I didn’t notice that the […]

week in review #8

lindas fudge cake

Linking up today with Meg’s Week in Review! It was a super busy yet productive week! Let’s take a look in recap form… Blog Highlights: I shared a new run by time tempo workout on Tuesday. Click here if you missed it, it’s a really good running workout. I finally tried Pure Barre Platform on Friday […]

Going through photos, I don’t care, rebelling from life (TOL)

wildfox shirt

I spent an hour going through photos for the Bar Mitzvah montage the other night. I am nowhere near completion with this task as narrowing down my son’s life in pictures to only 160 photos is not easy. This picture sorting process is also not easy on the emotions, not only because I see that sweet little […]

TOL – Chocolate Covered Apples, Taper & New Shoes

chocolate caramel apple

  I had this amazingly chocolatey chocolate covered apple the other night. It was so delicious that I think it’s on my list of best chocolate-covered apples ever. Why I loved it: It had a super thick coating of good tasting chocolate. The chocolate sprinkles were a really nice addition in flavor and texture. There was […]