My Theme Song, Loyalty & On This Day

Hit "Em Up Style

    I’ve got an oldie but GOODIE added to my running playlist this week! It’s fascinating to me that I didn’t already have this classic song on my playlist already. I mean, Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style was basically my theme song for a while there during my divorce. I really should have had […]

I Am Officially Old & New Running Playlist

awesome 80's running playlist

  If I had my way, New York State would revise the law that currently allows for children to sit in the front seat of cars at the age of twelve to something more like: When riding with their parents, kids must sit in the back seat forever. No matter your age, even if you are 37 […]

Tomorrow is a Big Day & New Running Playlist!

stadium series running playlist

  Tomorrow is a big day. Not only is it the opening day for my son’s Little League season, it is the last regular season Islanders home game ever to played at the Nassau Coliseum. After this season, the Coliseum is being knocked down and rebuilt for who knows exactly what but more importantly, my Islanders are moving to the […]