Be Proud Of Your Current Fitness Strengths


  This post has been in my drafts folder for a couple of months already and I don’t even know why! I started writing it after watching a weight loss show which involved a teenaged boy. He needed to lose a lot of weight and the doctors had him on a plan to do so through diet and […]

Jeans Can Lie – NEDA Week

jeans can lie

      Did you see this awesome article from Runner’s World about runners and jeans? I had been wanting to talk about jeans again recently and seeing this article made all of my thoughts come together. They always say that jeans can’t lie but lately I am convinced that just like the scale, they most certainly can. […]

One Of Those People


  As I shrieked at my son for having the nerve to actually use the hand towels in his bathroom for their intended purposes, I realized I have become one of those adults. Actually, I realized in that moment that I am not only one of those adults, I am officially one of those mothers. This can’t […]

DASH, Running Shoes & Disney On The Mind


  It’s like a good twenty or thirty degrees colder than it was yesterday morning. I can’t keep up with this up and down weather. Is it snowing by you? I hear there is snow in lots of places throughout the country so I will sit here sipping my coffee feeling grateful that all I am […]

Weekly Workout Recap 10/6/14-10/12/14

weekly workout recap

  This long weekend has been lots of fun so far (by fun you know I mean it has involved good food) but I will be back to tell you a little bit more about that tomorrow. For now we are talking about my workouts from the past week along with the fact that it is […]

Trader Joe’s Light Vanilla Ice Cream & Other Stuff I Think You Need

vanilla pumpkin marshmallow candle

  My son informed me that the girls are wearing our Lulu Headbands as a fashion accessory each day to school. As often as I question if I am dressing like the kids, this absolutely counts as the kids dressing like adults. And, if they can wear our headbands, we can still shop at Abercrombie. I […]

How To Start Running

how to start running

  I tend to reserve more in-depth discussions for Tuesday, formerly known as Three Tip Tuesday. Lately I have dropped the Three Tip part and find myself simply sticking to topics rather than looking for three tips. Topic Tuesday?  A few of you have asked me recently to address running for beginners, including one of my close friends […]

Physical Fitness Tests and Building Up To Running

  I have come to realize how important it is to allow life to just happen and not worry so much about figuring out all of the details in advance. I very rarely plan out blog posts. I may have ideas in mind for the upcoming week or jot down quick notes on topics I want […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Two Links + A Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

  I ran six miles yesterday on the treadmill. Simply stating this fact to you without including details really doesn’t tell you much other than the number of miles. See. Just telling you I ran 6 miles now looks totally different, doesn’t it? There is nothing wrong with breaking up your runs. I don’t always, […]

Panera Bread For Lunch And Friday Links Of Interest

  So yesterday after chatting with you all about DJ, her book and being married to former hockey player Pavel Bure, I read an article about Hilary Duff and former hockey player Mike Comrie getting divorced. Maybe Hilary should read DJ’s book on marriage? Just a thought. I can’t believe it is Friday already. I […]

Back-to-Back Long Runs, Switching Up The Sneakers And Other Smart Moves

  I did something smart. And cost-effective. My Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s (on the left) are quickly wearing thin. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – increasing one’s mileage will increase the frequency of purchasing new running shoes. Don’t get me wrong – I love a new pair of shoes but spending big bucks right now to get THE […]

Three Tip Tuesday – My GapFit Pants Didn’t Fall Down!

  Catchy title for a post, yes? Well, when you run in pants that don’t fall down, it is something to get excited about. Yesterday morning was freezing. Actually it was below freezing. Quite a few degrees below freezing. I layered myself all up: Lulu tank Lulu Run Swiftly long sleeve GapFit half zip with […]