Workout Recap 10/12 – 10/18

Hershey Park Half

  I love when the Facebook time hop thing pops up in my newsfeed. I can’t even believe my first ever half marathon, at Hershey Park, was already three years ago. There’s nothing like your first big race experience! So far, Facebook has yet to point out to me that one year ago this weekend […]

Egg-Free French Toast

egg free french toast

  My idea of an active rest day yesterday morning involved experimenting with Egg-Free French Toast. Under all of that peanut butter is Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread cooked French toast style. I learned the other day that 1/4 of a banana = one egg when substituting in recipes. If you knew about this substitution ratio and didn’t tell me, […]

Runner’s World Half & Festival And New Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter

peanut butter with flax and chia

  Not a cloud in the sky over the weekend. Or an open spot in the sand on the beach to be found. Morning people sometimes wake up tired, did you know that? It doesn’t happen often to me but Saturday was one of those days. The box of Benedryl claims that each dose will […]