Thinking Out Loud 6/11/15

dunkin donuts chips ahoy iced coffee

  Have I told you about my struggles (more like battles) with the boxes of plastic wrap? I just can’t do it correctly. Somehow the plastic wrap always seems to go from tearing off neatly to peeling apart in small little pieces, sticking together and then suddenly, without warning, I lose the spot on the roll where it tears off and it […]

Spring Preview 2015

spring preview 2015

  I realize it’s only March 3rd but you already know how excited I get for being this close to spring. Even if it is going to snow again today, rain crazy tomorrow and then snow again by Thursday morning. Let’s not talk about that. I am gearing up (ha, no pun intended) to put together my warm weather […]

Thought Per Picture

Brownie Sundae

  I have found the perfect combination of Lululemon layers for cold morning runs. Run Swiftly Short Sleeve ->Run Swiftly Long Sleeve -> Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip Remember, I recommend sizing up in these tops. Going a little bigger gives you a little more length which I love when it is cold out so that I […]

Cold Weather Workout Essentials 2014

  I spent hours upon hours when I was younger planning out my outfits each day for school. It was a whole event which involved pants thrown around the room and phone calls with my friends (well before face time) just so we could discuss what we thought we may want to wear, what look […]