Rosh Hashanah + Recent Eats + Whole Foods

apple blueberry crisp

  I’m so excited that today is already Wednesday! It’s going to feel like Monday since we were off and busy with Rosh Hashanah since Sunday but each time I realize it’s Wednesday, I will be extra excited today. I’m already looking forward to the weekend — Friday night is opening night for the Islanders […]

Food Highlights: Cake For Lunch & Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah

I’m still in a weird place with deciding if I feel like taking pictures of food in order to do these posts. Sometimes I jump to take a picture because it’s a habit and sometimes I completely forget/decide not to bother. And then sometimes I think to do it half way through a meal, as […]

What I Ate Wednesday (9.20.17)

Mario's pizza

  Today is sort of like Friday which is a little bit exciting to me right now! Rosh Hashanah begins tonight at sundown so we are off for the holiday tomorrow and Friday. It feels weird that it’s Rosh Hashanah again because it means that my son’s Bar Mitzvah, which fell shortly after Rosh Hashanah […]

Bagel Cravings & Chocolate Babka (WIAW)

chocolate babka

  Back to reality we go today! After a four-day weekend (we were off for Rosh Hashanah), it’s nice to know it’s already Wednesday. The next few days will be pretty crazy but at least the weekend is in sight. Somehow I still have so much to do for the Bar Mitzvah which is mind-boggling when […]

Mitzvah Mom, French Toast Bagels & Holiday Weekend

french toast bagels

  In less than two weeks, the Bar Mitzvah will have come and gone which means that I can go back to being a normal person rather than a Mitzvah Mom and you won’t have to listen to me talk about the planning anymore. I promise. For now though, just be proud with me of each […]

Links I Am Loving

Links I am Loving!

    This is a four day weekend for us since Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Sunday. I am very much looking forward to these few days as I try to take a deep breath in the midst of the Bar Mitzvah hoopla that is my life. My son’s actual birthday is coming up […]

WIAW- It Feels Like Monday

banana bread dessert platter

  It feels like Monday around my house since school was closed Monday and Tuesday for Rosh Hashanah. It’s nice to know that we are already halfway through the week yet I will admit it’s quite difficult to snap back into the regular weekday routine after being engulfed in holiday eating and lots of fun family time. Let’s […]

Life Lessons For All Of Us

sharing ice cream

  You would think that by now, almost at the age of 12, it would be a little easier to keep my son quiet and entertained during Rosh Hashanah services at temple yesterday BUT NO. It’s the same as when he was three, if not worse. So much for taking a nice picture of him […]

Rosh Hashanah & Weekend Stuff

food prep

  If you are looking for me this morning, I will be seated in temple for Rosh Hashanah services, most likely with one hand on the prayer book pretending to be following along with my other hand attempting to cover my son’s mouth to keep him quiet. In the meantime, some weekend highlights: We went to Red […]

It’s Never Just Another Day

september 11

  So long as I have this blog, I will never be able to write about anything else on September 11th because it will never be just another day on the calendar to me and writing about Friday favorites, sharing recipes that involve peanut butter or talking about running just seems wrong for me. I […]

Thinking Out Loud – Running Hills

oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies

Rosh Hashanah is a time for welcoming the new as well as a time for reflection. I finally made it a point to run a few hills on Tuesday just so I would feel a bit more mentally and physically prepared for the races at the Runner’s World Half & Festival. Since I normally just run my usual, flat, neighborhood […]

What I Ate Wednesday Fun

nisen sushi

  You are going to be so proud of my will power. I was in Whole Foods on Monday shopping for Rosh Hashanah and completely held myself together when passing the food bar. The roasted vegetables display was bountiful and beautiful BUT I was able to resist and my wallet was super thankful. I have even held […]