WIAW – Post-Race Appetite


You know you ran your best half marathon when your legs are still sore three days later. I am slowly getting back to normal although my appetite really hasn’t kicked in just yet. I am not exactly complaining considering I hate those relentless hungry days but by now, it’s a little bit weird for me! I […]

WIAW- A Day Of Eats


    I love to view the search engine terms each day in my blog analytics because what leads readers to my site is really amusing. Just yesterday, someone googled the following and found my blog: Is eating cake for lunch bad? If you were interested in my opinion, eating cake for lunch is not bad. Not bad […]

How To Roast Frozen Vegetables

how to roast frozen vegetables

  You had to figure, after reading yesterday’s post, that at some point this week I was going to take my son to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was a last minute decision yesterday, as in, I picked him up from school with the intention of turning left to go home but at the traffic […]