Running Story + Workouts From The Week

red mango

I held off sharing my workouts until today because I ran yesterday instead of Saturday. My intention was to run on the treadmill Saturday morning but I woke up completely not in the mood and I certainly wasn’t running outside because it was too cold for me.  Sunday’s forecast was sunny and above freezing < […]

Recent Meals + Power Bowls + Food Links Of Interest

power bowl

  Since I missed a weekend recap on Monday, I have a few meals from the weekend plus what I’ve been eating over the last couple of days to discuss today. This week has been a bit weird so far, by the way. My son came home sick literally 20 minutes after he arrived at […]

Fartleks + Red Mango + On This Day

runners world half

  Thursday has become the day that I update you on Heather’s running progress. She completed another 5k race on Sunday and was able to run the whole race! I am so very proud, I told you she was ready to do it! She actually called me after the 2 mile mark during the race […]

Monday In Meals (WIAW 8.9.17)

hummus platter

  Oh, hi. I’ve got my Monday in meals today for What I Ate Wednesday! Breakfast: I woke up tired and starving. Last week’s workouts really amped up my appetite over the last few days! It’s really been a while since I felt that true bottomless pit feeling in my stomach that can come from […]

Food Essentials, Outdoor Dining, Busy Living The Life

heather and me

  Aside from sharing yesterday’s workout recap and mentioning that my new training plan starts today, I feel like we haven’t really chatted in a few days! It felt so good to finally go food shopping. I rushed out the door the other morning to Trader Joe’s to restock the house with some food essentials. […]

Busy June Weekend Recap

vegetable pizza

    June weekends are always busy weekends. It started Friday night with pizza from Stella’s. My son had an all day carnival type thing outside at school as a party celebration for the 8th graders. He was full of sun and clearly tired when I picked him up from school. After forcing him immediately into […]

Letting Go Of Caring About Food

red mango parfait

  I had this Red Mango parfait on Saturday. Can you tell that the Red Mango man made it all wrong? There is a certain system to making the mixed berry parfait which I learned years ago from the Red Mango people! On the bottom: strawberries Then frozen yogurt In the middle: strawberries, blueberries, pumpkin […]

Return To Citifield & Lots Of Salads


  Please don’t talk to me about the Islanders missing the playoffs. It literally came down to the last few games of the season which is exciting but not because it torments my nerves like nothing else can. They didn’t make it and I am all bent out of shape about it. It will take […]

Life Lately


  The weeks are certainly flying by, aren’t they? Can you believe we are entering March next week? You know how that excites me. 🙂  Spring is almost here! On The Blog: I did my best once again to juggle event writing and blog writing. My favorite post from last week aside from telling the […]

Highlights From The Week & Weekend Eats

chocolate cake

  What a week. I feel like I say that way too often but it’s how I feel these days! The fact that we are entering February this week makes me really happy though as it means we are getting closer to March. A part of me hates that I rush the days away but […]

What I Ate Wednesday 10.12.16

red mango parfait

  Oh, hi! I am posting more than I thought I would this week which is making me happy. While I still haven’t written the speech that I have to give Saturday during my son’s Bar Mitzvah service, at least I can find the words to type up these posts in order to chat with you. […]