Race Recovery Week In Workouts

ice coffee

  Geez. How is it Monday already? The weekends fly by so quickly, especially this time of year when I spend my days outdoors at the beach or pool. I had my first iced coffee of the season yesterday by the pool. I’m not a huge iced coffee drinker but this time of year usually […]

Long Beach City Manager’s Race To Remember 10 Mile Race Recap (2019)

Long Beach

  Time to recap Sunday’s 10-mile race! Pre-Race Morning: Thankfully I get out of bed easier in the spring and summer than I do in the winter because I wanted to be awake a little before 5:00 am so I wouldn’t have to rush my coffee/water/oatmeal before leaving for the race. I need time to […]

Blue Ribbon Run For Prostate Cancer 5K Race Recap

5K race

  The funny thing about recapping a 5K is that the race itself is so short that you start to wonder what there really is to say about it to fill up a post. Not this time! I have a story. Everything was going smooth. I got to Syosset-Woodbury Park a little less an hour […]

Long Beach City Manager’s 10 Mile Race Recap 2017

race start line

  It’s Tuesday already! Doesn’t that feel nice? Let’s talk about Sunday’s 10 mile race. I ran the City Manager’s 10 Mile Race To Remember in Long Beach, NY. This was my second time running this race and second time I will recap it saying it was hot! Pre-Race: The race was set to start […]

10 Mile Race on Sunday!


  Well, I am about to run my first race in almost a year this Sunday! I’m pretty excited about it which is a great feeling. You know I don’t race often so having this excited race feeling is making it really fun for me! Although I did not train specifically for the City Manager’s 10 mile race, […]

running shoe rotation plus workout recap

workout recap

My running shoe rotation fell off course this week which sounds totally weird if you don’t run but since most of you reading are runners like me, you will probably appreciate the conversation we are about to have. I have a system to my running shoe rotation and I rarely deviate: Adidas Energy Boosts = Tuesdays, […]

What I Ate Race Day (plus race recap)

race outfit

  I thought it would be fun to combine Monday’s 4 mile race recap with What I Ate Wednesday! I ran the Bellmore Independence Day 4 mile race on Monday. It was my second time running this race with my first time being back in 2012. The race was scheduled to start at 8:30 am which […]

Our Trip To Hershey Park

super dooper looper

  I am super glad that it’s already Tuesday. It’s a bit tough getting back to the usual routine after being away last week at Hershey Park followed by the long Holiday weekend. I want to quickly recap our trip today and then tomorrow we can chat about yesterday’s 4 mile race! Our trip last week to Hershey […]

week in review #5

whole wheat blueberry banana pancakes

  Happy Monday! Let’s chat Week in Review style… Blog Stuff: I get so lost in my blog sometimes without even trying — drafting posts, working on the behind the scenes technical stuff, organizing things, responding to comments, loading photos — if I didn’t love this blog and the blogging community as much as I […]

Aspire 10k Race Recap

race outfit

  This was my second consecutive year running the Aspire 10k race in Plainview, New York. This was also my second year running this 10k in less than favorable racing conditions. Last year it was snowing, this year it was pouring rain. I am hoping to run this race next year simply for the chance of running […]

Long Island Half Marathon Training Week #4

long island half marathon training week #4

  I can’t even believe that I am recapping week #4 of half marathon training with Laura already! In fact, I didn’t believe it so I had to double-check to ensure I wasn’t making a mistake. Tomorrow starts week #5 which means the Long Island Half Marathon is, um, 4 weeks from today. I can’t […]

Race Fueling Strategies

fueling strategies for runners

…. I get by with a little help from my friends… I don’t know if this old tune popped into my head because I am already thinking up candlelighting poems for my son’s Bar Mitzvah while matching each poem with a corresponding song or if it’s because I enlisted the help of Michele from Paleo Running Momma to talk […]