Long Island Marathon Weekend 10K Race Recap (2018)

10K race start on tv

  I ran my first ever Long Island Marathon weekend 10K race yesterday, my sixth 10K race of my running life. As I’ve said, choosing to run the 10k instead of the half marathon felt so nice mentally in the days leading up to the race. While a 10K is no joke, the fact that […]

Commack Coalition of Caring 5K Race Recap

pre-race breakfast

  I ran the Commack Coalition of Caring 5K race on Saturday. This was my first 5K race in over three years and only my third (or maybe fourth) 5K race ever! The 5K race distance was NEVER my thing. Lately however, I’ve had a change of heart. The idea of running shorter distance races […]

Aspire 10k Race Recap

race outfit

  This was my second consecutive year running the Aspire 10k race in Plainview, New York. This was also my second year running this 10k in less than favorable racing conditions. Last year it was snowing, this year it was pouring rain. I am hoping to run this race next year simply for the chance of running […]

Great South Bay Half Marathon Recap

Great South Bay Half

  Time to talk about Saturday’s half marathon! I could hardly wait to tell you all about it. In fact, my mind was busy during the race taking note of the key points necessary for us to discuss so let’s get to it! How cute is the donut medal?! Pre-Race Early Morning: I leisurely ate […]

2015 Long Island Half Marathon Recap

LI Half Race Medal

  1:51:20. One hour, fifty-one minutes and twenty seconds. Not exactly the finish time I envisioned when I registered and not the finish time I thought about at the start of taper week but I guess I am lucky I was able to run at all after being sick. Let’s talk about it, shall we? I finished. […]

Runner’s World Hat Trick Recap

Runner's World Hat Trick

  The winner of the #NYTough P & G Product Giveaway is Amy Laforte! Congrats Amy and thank you to everyone for entering! Recap time! As tired as I was Saturday night after running the 5k and 10k, I made it a point to take out my computer and start jotting down some thoughts from […]