Best Friend Quotes + Pizza Bagel Night (TOL)

pizza bagel

    I feel like chatting via quotes today if that’s okay with you. I am so glad that I finally figured out how to take screenshots from my new laptop. Best friend quotes! Okay, so don’t get the wrong idea here. There are no dead bodies or any plans for dead bodies. I swear! […]

Thinking Out Loud Via Quotes


  Today I feel like thinking out loud via quotes. I love a good quote, don’t you? My mother still likes to tell the story of the time (from when I was 22) that my soon to be husband wanted a bite of my peanut butter rice cake and I said no. She still can’t believe […]

Friday Favorites – January 2017

Henri Bendel All that glitters mug

  I have a few favorites to share this week! Happy Friday! My Henri Bendel Mug: Hanukkah brought me the All That Glitters mug from Henri Bendel that I mentioned a while back and I just love it. It makes me happy to look at this pretty mug as I drink my coffee especially when I am drinking my […]

TOL- Craving Baked Potatoes

baked potato

  On Monday I showed you the ice cream cone shirt from Target. Today we need to consider adding some Popsicles to our wardrobe. I got an email from Lester’s with an image of this Chaser brand shirt but I couldn’t find it on the Lester’s website. Instead I found it here and also found this cute popsicle tank! Am […]

Inspirational Jewelry Giveaway!

inspirational jewelry giveaway

  I am going to recap yesterday’s race tomorrow (it went really well though!); I have something more important (a giveaway!) to discuss with you today. A year ago today I talked about a spin class that I took way back on November 17, 2001. I remember that 8:00 am spin class because it was the Saturday morning of my […]

Friday Humor

Happy Friday friends! Everyone loves Friday. Even when you have nothing planned for the weekend, just the idea of Friday and the arrival of the weekend is enough to put people in a good mood. As you can probably tell by now, I am pretty good at putting myself in a good mood and making light of […]