Week in Workouts (less running + lots of yoga – who am I?!)

pro compression

  I’ll just keep reminding everyone (including myself) that I’m so very thankful that I learned to like running less over the last few years and be more than okay with other types of workouts because the weather right now is not exactly outdoor runner-friendly on a consistent basis. At least not for this outdoor […]

You Won’t Even Believe Me (workout recap)

FIRE yoga

First, please forgive me for not sharing Friday Favorites and fashion links lately. Work has been so busy (which I am totally grateful and thankful for) but during my downtime, I’ve really needed to take a break from my computer screen. I’m hoping though to get a Black Friday post together for later this week. Second, […]

Tried Barre3 (And Like It!) + New Adidas Solar Boosts

Adidas solar boost

So last week I decided to try Barre3 workouts. After six solid years of Pure Barre, it’s been fun and rejuvenating to do something different. For quite some time, I refused to look at other barre routines but now? I’m really enjoying the variety of trying different barre workout styles and variations. During my first […]

Weekly Workout Recap (plus race anniversaries)


While running yesterday morning, I realized that what I was wearing was what I wore for a race in 2014. Here’s the race picture! That’s the very same Nike ear warmer plus lululemon half zip with cuffins. Both are still in excellent condition to the point where you would think they were new for this […]

Boardwalk Run + Wide Variety of Workouts (workout recap)

boardwalk run

Oh, hi! A few notes from last week’s workouts before getting to the traditional recap: Last week I mentioned that I no longer subscribe to Pure Barre GO. It’s a slight adjustment but not so bad. I’ve really migrated my routine to a wider mix of strength workouts over the last several months rather than […]

Lighter Week In Workouts (weekly workout recap)

cuff over mittens

Checking in super quick on this Yom Kippur with my workouts from last week. My interest in running last week was lower than it had been in a bit so it became a natural cut back week in workouts. At a quick glance, it doesn’t seem that I did less because I still do something […]

Weekly Workout Recap

walking path

Some notes from last week’s workouts: Even if I established summer as my favorite running season, there’s no denying the thrill of running in the suddenly cooler morning temperatures. It’s glorious and refreshing. With the transition to fall comes my ability to take walks during the day. It had been so hot that I would […]

A Summer Of Boardwalk Runs + Weekly Workout Recap

Long Beach boardwalk

  Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. So I still don’t know where the summer went. Although if I look back over the last few months, the season was definitely highlighted by my weekly boardwalk runs. I don’t even think that I had the initial intention of running by the […]

Rain Jackets For Running + Weekly Workout Recap

boardwalk run

Before we jump into my workouts from the week, let’s chat really quickly about rain jackets for running. Recently I decided that I need a new rain jacket for running. I don’t mind running in the rain! Misty rain is actually pleasant for running (in my opinion) although I prefer it starts while I’m already […]