I Almost Really Hurt My Foot (Workout Recap)

workout recap

I almost really hurt my foot Wednesday night and it was the scariest runner feeling as many of you who have dealt with injury know. This was the closest I have ever been to an injury that threatened to keep me off of my feet but luckily, I am okay! So what happened? Let’s see. I […]

first boardwalk run of season & workout recap

long beach boardwalk

  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I took my long run down to the Long Beach boardwalk yesterday morning, leaving you wondering what the heck happened to the 10 mile race I said I would be running today. I made the decision to not run the 10 mile race this […]

Running & Workout Recap 5.2.16 – 5.8.16

running shoes

I typed Long Island Half Marathon Training in the title before quickly realizing that my training is over! Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day! We are getting ready to go out now for our favorite Mother’s Day early morning breakfast tradition, AKA my favorite morning of the year. When I looked at our previous Mother’s Day […]

Long Island Half Marathon Training Week #6


  So the half marathon is two weeks from today and I am feeling more than ready! Laura’s training plan and working with her has been awesome. I know I keep saying so but with each run, I continue to understand why Laura chose each workout and the reasons behind why they were strategically placed in my training schedule. I […]

Fred Lebow Half Marathon Training Week #7

Fred lebow Half Marathon Training Week 7

  One week till race day! We are getting close enough now to start monitoring the weather forecast as we simultaneously pray for good conditions. The usual January cold weather I can handle, it’s the snowstorms or any form of frozen precipitation that are a whole other story. This week was another great week of workouts. Aside from yesterday’s […]

Fred Lebow Half Marathon Training Week #6


    So I really enjoyed this week’s workouts a whole lot. I mixed things up slightly which is good to do every now and then. At first glance, you probably wouldn’t even notice the changes in my routine but I noticed and loved it. What was different? Running: All of my runs, except for my long run, were […]

Fred Lebow Half Marathon Training Recap Week #3

lululemon runderful half zip

  I didn’t mind at all that yesterday morning’s temperature was around 30 degrees for my long run. I was looking forward to the chillier air and the opportunity to layer up with my new Runderful Half Zip from lululemon. It’s the best kind of fashion coincidence that my new hat and neckwarmer, both of […]