Pure Barre Pure Results (featured focus on thighs) Review

Reviewing the Pure Barre Pure Results online workout with featured focus on thighs!

  I am super excited to finally bring you my personal opinion and review of the Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout (with featured focus on thighs) today! Before we get to the review, let’s bring you up to date on all things Pure Barre first. My Pure Barre History: I began taking Pure Barre studio […]

week in workouts 6.20.16 – 6.26.16

pure barre

  A few things to note about my week in workouts… My Appetite: My appetite felt off the charts early in the week. It’s quite possible that my body noticed a return to my usual running after about ten days of reducing mileage/cross-training. Thankfully both my foot issue and hip issue quickly resolved themselves so […]

first boardwalk run of season & workout recap

long beach boardwalk

  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I took my long run down to the Long Beach boardwalk yesterday morning, leaving you wondering what the heck happened to the 10 mile race I said I would be running today. I made the decision to not run the 10 mile race this […]

workout recap 5.16.16 – 5.22.16

workout recap

Let’s see, let’s see…what is there to say about my workouts this week? Overall, they were great. My runs were awesome  and Pure Barre has been lovely. Lovely may sound like an interesting choice of words but it’s the first word that came to mind as I am sitting here drinking some coffee and typing up […]

Workout Recap 11/9 – 11/15

Red Mango Parfait

  For like half a second yesterday morning, as I was stepping outside for my long run, I was slightly afraid. It was that same feeling that used to keep me from leaving the house in the early morning to go the gym in the days that followed September 11, 2001. Watching the terrible news […]

workout recap 11/2 – 11/8

weekly workout recap

  Aside from the time change bringing me daylight for my runs this week, the weather has been so oddly warm for November it’s incredible. I took this picture yesterday morning as I started my long run right around 6:00 am. Although you can’t tell that it was already 65 degrees, it’s still real pretty, […]

Pure Barre Pure Results Review

Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout Review

  I am finally ready to talk in more detail about the new Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on seat) streaming online workout! I’ve been getting lots of questions about Pure Barre lately so we before we get to the new Pure Barre Pure Results workout, lets summarize my Pure Barre history so that we are all […]