Results From Pure Barre + Why Love Pure Barre Online

results from pure barre

  I wanted to address two of the most common Pure Barre search terms that lead people to my blog literally on a daily basis. Google Search #1: Pure Barre On Demand Review My Pure Barre On Demand Review post is picked up each and every day. It might even be my most popular post […]

Friday Favorites! June 15, 2018

vegan Cobb salad

Happy Friday! The week has been one busy blur over here so the fact that the weekend is here makes me really happy. I put together a few Friday Favorites to share today, let’s take a look! First, here’s another photo from the New York luncheon I attended/worked on Tuesday. I very quickly browsed through […]

Quality Over Quantity (weekly workout recap)

royal wedding from gym

  3 things from this week before getting to my workouts! 1 – The weather has been horrendous. Will it ever be sunny again? 2 – This was a PMS week for me which can either mean nothing or mean I’m naturally a little more cautious because I don’t feel 100%. I think this week […]

Pure Barre On Demand Review (Pure Barre GO)

Pure Barre on Demand

  This Pure Barre On Demand review post was written a few years ago. Pure Barre On Demand has since moved to Pure Barre GO, a platform that I am not exactly happy with so far. Log in doesn’t always work, the menu is unorganized and missing workouts, and customer support is nonexistent. Please read […]

Running & Pure Barre Workout Recap

workout recap

  Just a few things worth mentioning before getting to my running & Pure Barre workout recap: 1 – I am suddenly feeling much stronger when holding planks. I don’t know when or what happened but all of a sudden, I can hold my planks during Pure Barre with more strength than ever before! Of course I still […]