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Pure Barre

  I need to let you know that I had Linda’s Fudge Cake topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream Saturday night at The Cheesecake Factory but I didn’t take a picture of it which almost makes it feel like it didn’t happen but it did happen, just like old times. But that […]

Pure Barre Pure Results Review

Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout Review

  I am finally ready to talk in more detail about the new Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on seat) streaming online workout! I’ve been getting lots of questions about Pure Barre lately so we before we get to the new Pure Barre Pure Results workout, lets summarize my Pure Barre history so that we are all […]

Memorial Day Weekend/Workout Recap


  I started my holiday weekend Friday afternoon at Red Mango because the layers of red and blue berries had me feeling all festive and ready for Memorial Day. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I changed my mind about running the Long Beach 10 miler race this morning and I really don’t regret it! […]

running/workout recap 5/11/15-5/17/15

Pure Barre

All weekends should include relaxing coffee moments… I hope you had a terrific week of workouts because I sure did! It felt great to get back into my normal running groove after a taper week, half marathon and then recovery week of running last week. Let’s take a look… *Monday* Pure Barre Mile High Series & 6 Miles – […]

Will I Run The LI Half & Workout Recap

weekly workout recap

  The Fitness Magazine Half Marathon hoopla has been plastered in my face, all over the news and social media for the last several days. Kara Goucher is there, running the race this morning, along with 10,000 other women but I am not one of them even though I was for the last two years. And […]

My Running Shoe Rotation & Workout Recap

Adidas Energy Boosts

Woah…I am tired! I woke up this morning close to my usual time (because I do not know how to sleep late) and even though I am tired, I am still riding some sort of endorphin high produced by a combination of yesterday’s long run and last night’s Islanders game. Or maybe I am just on a […]

Snow Day & An Elliptical Workout

elliptical workout

  I really wanted to measure the snow for us using my Hello Kitty ruler but I couldn’t open my front door just now because the snow is blown up against it. My car makes it seem so simple, like flipping a switch can turn the snow and off but it can’t. I was hoping to […]

Running, Pure Barre But No Black Bean Brownies

weekly workout recap

  The weather was rather icky yesterday (snow, slush, ice, sleet, rain) so I decided it was a good day to finally make black bean brownies. I scoured my pinterest boards and did some google searching on the subject just to glance at the various combinations before formulating my own recipe. When I finally came up with […]

Workout Recap & Songs From The Week


  How do you handle the music you listen to during your runs? If you listen to music at all. I have a playlist but I reserve it for special occasions like races and really tough runs (mentally and/or physically) in order to give myself a boost of inspiration when I need it. I also like […]

Workout Recap 1/5-1/11


  Good morning! How is your weekend so far? Sometimes writing up these workout recaps make me feel as though my always-impeccable memory is slowly escaping me. I start putting together these Sunday workout recap posts at the beginning of the week, almost like a workout journal where I jot down my mileage, some thoughts and then […]

Happy Birthdays & Workout Recap 12/29/14-1/4/15

Eleni's Bakery Cupcakes

  We need to wish two important people a very happy birthday today…. Happy Birthday to my cousin Amy who you may know as my cousin who just ran the New York City Marathon and has already decided to run it again next year. She doesn’t have a blog but her race recap was one the […]

Disney Workouts/Weekly Recap

hotel gym

  Oh hi! We are back from Disney World and I feel like I need a vacation. The worst part about taking a few days away is the coming home to do laundry (like the minute I walk through the door, without stopping for the bathroom), the food shopping, cleaning (how is the house messy if […]