Thinking Out Loud April 14, 2016

heather and me

  I felt so normal yesterday. My appetite felt human, I was more productive than I have been in days and I think my mood was that of a semi-polite person. I attribute it all to the sun actually shining. I can’t tell you how many days its been of rain, cold and dreary wind. Produce does […]

What My Friend Ate Wednesday

  Today’s What I Ate Wednesday post should really be called “What My Friend Ate Wednesday” instead. One of my best friends (and loyal blog reader) decided last week that she wanted to “clean” up her diet. As she said to me, “It’s not that I eat fried, fast foods or even feel the need to […]

Panera Bread Hot Chocolate And Favorite Food Partners

  Please forgive me if I go back on my word this weekend. So I always say that I prefer to chew my calories rather than drink them but I need to make an exception. Have you seen the new Panera Bread hot chocolate topped with CHOCOLATE CHIP MARSHMALLOWS? I decided that the new Panera […]