Thinking Out Loud April 14, 2016

heather and me

  I felt so normal yesterday. My appetite felt human, I was more productive than I have been in days and I think my mood was that of a semi-polite person. I attribute it all to the sun actually shining. I can’t tell you how many days its been of rain, cold and dreary wind. Produce does […]

Technology Is Not For Me

  The winner of the Momentum Wrap Bracelet Giveaway is Shannon! Thank you to everyone for entering; Shannon, I will email you this morning! Anyone remember the TI – 82 calculator? You know, the giant (and scary) thing they called a scientific calculator which was required in math and science classes for us to store our formulas? I never […]

March 1st!!

Happy March 1st! Not only am I excited that it is Friday, March 1st signifies that Spring is on the way. In fact, my friend and I refer to March 1st as our unofficial “first day of Spring.” Now, an egg won’t stand on its head for us or anything as it does for the […]

Breaking News

I can see the headline now: 34 year old single mother of one forced to file bankruptcy due to extreme over-expenditure on produce. According to court documents, Child Protective Services is looking into case to determine if all child support funds were spent to support extreme produce and organic foods habit. If only I could […]