epic sundaes, running socks & avoiding my to do list (TOL)

movie theater sundae

  I love seeing the google search terms that bring people to my blog. My favorite search term this week: Epic Sundaes. I am honored that google thought to display me as a result for such a topic. I guess I often enjoy epic sundaes? Actually, I am planning to have an epic sundae this Friday night […]

July 4th weekend/workout recap

baked oatmeal

I don’t want to confuse you or anything but I am about to share my workout recap today, which is Monday, rather than yesterday, which was Sunday. I gave myself a holiday weekend break from my usual Sunday morning posting so let’s take a quick look at my workouts and combine them with some July 4th […]

weekend/mother’s day highlights

baked oatmeal

  First Friday night of the season outside at Prime. Summer is really almost here. I think Ben & Jerry’s will be my ice cream place for the summer. I am seriously contemplating ordering a different flavor every time I go which is not easy for me. Should I do it, as an ice cream experiment […]

It Is All About The Food

Oh yes. My prayers were answered. In two separate deliveries! Fruit galore. Chocolate covered fruit galore. A full separate box of chocolate covered apples, strawberries and bananas. I love birthdays. I love the wonderful people in my life. And I love fruit. Chocolate dipped. Or not. And the fact that I don’t need to buy my […]