At-Home Meals I’ve Been Eating On Repeat

pizza and salad

  I do my best when I’m out to eat to take pictures of the food (doesn’t happen every time but often enough) but home has really become another story. I’ve addressed it before on the blog but I just wanted to mention it again in case you were wondering why I don’t share as […]

Recent Meals + Power Bowls + Food Links Of Interest

power bowl

  Since I missed a weekend recap on Monday, I have a few meals from the weekend plus what I’ve been eating over the last couple of days to discuss today. This week has been a bit weird so far, by the way. My son came home sick literally 20 minutes after he arrived at […]

Big Salad Kick + Favorite Chili + Food Links!

power bowl

  It’s been a busy week so far! My workdays have been packed (honestly, per the usual) and then my son keeps me busy after school. My usual plan is to work through the day while he is in school and then run my errands and do what I need to do once I drop […]

Return To Citifield & Lots Of Salads


  Please don’t talk to me about the Islanders missing the playoffs. It literally came down to the last few games of the season which is exciting but not because it torments my nerves like nothing else can. They didn’t make it and I am all bent out of shape about it. It will take […]

How To Make Power Bowls + Recipe Links

build your own plant based power bowl

  Laura and I began this week under the assumption that our recipe challenge for today would involve trying a new to us Power Bowl recipe. I am no stranger to eating Power Bowls. Power Bowls (or Buddha Bowls, the terms are often used interchangeably) have been my favorite go-to meals ever since switching to a meatless diet well over four […]

Recent Eats & Recipes of Interest


  I came across a great collection of recipes to share again this week! I like sharing meal ideas this way, I think, instead of sharing our dinner plans for the week because for right now, I just can’t stick to meal planning too far in advance. I definitely do my food shopping with dinner […]

What I Ate Wednesday (From Sunday)


  Here’s a good look at my day and what I ate on Sunday, you know, the day before coming back to reality this week. It hasn’t been so bad actually. Sometimes it’s more in our heads than anything else and my son has been real good about getting up in the morning which I haven’t […]

Lululemon Finds, Meal Plan & Recipes of Interest

puffy blanket jacket

  So the lululemon bags I mentioned yesterday seem to only be for the holiday season which is interesting if you ask me since they are the most blah shades of brown and black. I know a lot of people use the classic red and white bags to tote their stuff around and although I don’t really […]

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas & Next Week’s Meal Plan

Thankgiving Recipes for a very Happy Holiday

  We are quickly approaching that time of the year when everyone starts to freak out over Thanksgiving dinner and how it will magically make you gain 20 pounds so let’s starve ourselves before and after just so we can have one day of stuffing and pie. Or, we encounter the reverse attitude of Thanksgiving will make […]

Japanese Sweet Potatoes & Next Week’s Meal Plan

roasted japanese sweet potatoes

  Confession: I went out of my way to go to Whole Foods, when I really could have picked up everything I needed at Trader Joe’s, simply because I wanted a snack from the food bar while I shopped. I couldn’t help myself, I love Whole Foods’ roasted vegetables. I didn’t seem to need that much from the grocery stores although I […]

What we Ate yesterday

greek salad

  I did not plan on my son being home sick yesterday but as we know, things do not always go as planned. I know my little boy very well. Sick means soup with guaranteed bowls of macaroni and cheese. And sometimes, all he can stomach is macaroni and cheese which means it serves as […]

What I Ate Yesterday

apple with peanut butter

  We still aren’t talking about the weather for this weekend’s half marathon but, if you must know, the tropical storm rain that has been threatening my race is looking like it was upgraded (or about to be upgraded depending which channel you watch) to a hurricane. And while we aren’t talking about it, let me just say, […]