What I Ate Wednesday July 20, 2016

dinner at The Main Event

  Let’s take a quick look at what I ate yesterday! Breakfast: I was up early, making my first cup of coffee while preparing oatmeal. I typically cook four servings of oatmeal at a time which means I only have to prepare oatmeal a couple of times a week, sometimes more often depending on if my son […]

What I Ate Wednesday 5.25.16

apple with peanut butter and m&m's

  Before we get to what I ate yesterday… What I Ate Wednesday posts are just here to showcase what others eat and perhaps give you some new ideas when it comes to your own meals. The important thing to remember though is that you must do what works for you, not what works for […]

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts Part Two

  Before we get started with part two of finding balance between our diets and our workouts, I realize that this post may contain information that many of you already know. But sometimes, just because we know something, doesn’t mean we apply it. It can often take repeated exposure to hearing the same information over and […]