Post-Run Meals & Trader Joe’s Dinner (WIAW)

shrimp stir fry

Taking a look at what I ate on Monday! Breakfast: Here’s a peak inside my post-run oats in a jar plus side of coffee. I always miss the picture of my pre-run small bowl of oatmeal but at least I remember the post-run meal! We really don’t address post-run meals often enough. Eating within 30-60 minutes after your run is […]

Post Run Meal Ideas

post run meal ideas

    By now you must know that my post-run breakfast is a really big deal to me. Even though I eat a small breakfast before I head outside, I am always starving after my run so coming home to oatmeal in a jar mixed with berries, Skoop B-Strong and peanut butter makes me really (like, […]