Hearts of Palm Pasta + Recent Meals + Citifield Food


I’ll start today’s post with another one of my Stoney Clover cups. Chocolate-covered macaroons are the highlight of the Passover time of year for me, by the way. Let’s talk about pasta alternatives. I’m not really a traditional pasta eater but I do find it fun to try the healthier pasta varieties available these days. […]

What I Ate Wednesday 1.25.17


  It’s Wednesday already! I tend to say things like that when I miss a Tuesday post because missing a post in my  normal schedule really throws me off. Let’s take a look at what I ate on Monday! Breakfast: I thought about having an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast but ultimately went with […]

What I Ate Wednesday 1.20.16

grain free english muffin with peanut butter

  I am off to the city a little later this morning for event industry stuff and part of me wonders if I should be schlepping myself across town to the upper west side to pick up my number for Sunday’s half marathon. It was my original plan, to pick up the number today, but with the […]

WIAW – I didn’t Have oatmeal For breakfast

peanut butter and jelly on english muffin

  Did anyone happen to catch this oatmeal deal from Whole Foods earlier this week? I am a little sorry that I didn’t get there, this might have been the cheapest thing ever sold at Whole Foods, not to mention, it’s like, my favorite food. Ironically enough though, we are about to looking at what I ate […]

Thinking Out Loud Randomness

tbt 2011

  Are Thursday nights still the night for the cool kids to go out? I didn’t even know Thursday night was a thing until I got divorced. It never made much sense to me either since there was still a workday to function for come Friday morning BUT there was a time, like a few years ago, where I […]

What I’m Eating This Week

butternut squash quinoa bowl

Sometimes I think I can get ahead of myself and plan out these What I Ate Wednesday posts in advance but then I cook something, eat something or see something at the last-minute and we need to talk about it immediately. What in the heck is this about?! Nature Valley came out with oatmeal you […]

LI Half Marathon Weekend and Popping Popcorn


  The winner of the Matcha Green Tea Giveaway is Manda O! Thanks to everyone who entered; Manda, I will email you this morning! *** The next time I have a race approaching, please remind me that I need to adjust my taper plan to include the following requirement: **No ballet flats or heels for […]

Technology Is Not For Me

  The winner of the Momentum Wrap Bracelet Giveaway is Shannon! Thank you to everyone for entering; Shannon, I will email you this morning! Anyone remember the TI – 82 calculator? You know, the giant (and scary) thing they called a scientific calculator which was required in math and science classes for us to store our formulas? I never […]

WIAW- More Complex Carbs Plus My New Favorite Lunch

There are a ridiculous amount of trendy diets, lifestyle changes and detox plans plastered in our face lately. Not like it is really anything new; the media is forever portraying the best foods to eat, the best meals to lose weight and the magical approach to becoming a be a better you plan. The real truth […]

Thinking Out Loud – Hormones Speak For Themselves

  My hormones have taken over my brain this week as well as today’s post. We women have all been lied to. Male friends, you may want to skip this part. They tell us that once we have children, the pain and cramping associated with our cycles will diminish. Don’t ask me who this “they” […]

Lunch At Koi and Grocery Store Must-Haves For This Week

  Is it really Friday already? My afternoon escapade to Manhattan yesterday was great for the soul but completely confused my internal calendar. My plan was to window shop before lunch but this tank top was calling my name as soon as I reached the second floor of Lord and Taylor. It would go against […]