Weekend Thought Per Picture

ice cream sundae

  Friday’s roses. All for me. Dessert appetizers: The chocolate-covered strawberry was mine but I snagged some of the fudge from the top of the fudge brownie too 🙂 I will admit my frozen yogurt creation is not the one on the right. I want this collapsible water bottle. My son shared his onion rings with […]

How We Do Disney

Magic Kingdom Chocolate Covered Apple

    Before I recap our Disney trip a bit, have you seen Annie yet? We saw it on Friday and I actually loved it! I say actually because the original Annie is one of my all-time favorite movies; I remember seeing it in the theaters as a little girl. I would watch Annie on tape […]

Weekend Recap

Monday already? Geez. Summer weekends go too fast. I am still on my high from Saturday’s  long run. Which by the way was more like 14 miles because I realized my GPS app was slightly off. Normally I cross train on Sunday mornings. Not yesterday. Yesterday I woke up ready to run. I ran six miles and […]

The Stars Align….

Friday sure came quick! Love the short weeks when Monday is a holiday. It went from 50 degrees last Saturday to suddenly high 90’s. Welcome to summer. Pool, beach, outdoor dining…doesn’t get better than this time of year! I can’t believe the calendar is claiming June 1st is tomorrow. Lots of fun things happening in […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Pool Bag Essentials

Don’t you just love when the week begins on a Tuesday? It throws me off a bit, but in a good way! It is always best to think it is Monday and find out it is already Tuesday. I hope everyone had an enjoyable, long weekend. As a member of Healthy Living Blogs, I was […]