Quality Over Quantity (weekly workout recap)

royal wedding from gym

  3 things from this week before getting to my workouts! 1 – The weather has been horrendous. Will it ever be sunny again? 2 – This was a PMS week for me which can either mean nothing or mean I’m naturally a little more cautious because I don’t feel 100%. I think this week […]

Workout Recap 10/2/17 – 10/8/17

pure barre on demand thighs and seat

  Brief workout recap for today! It was a bit of a PMS week which left me feeling a little off at times in the morning. Sometimes PMS does nothing to affect me but this time, I had that sweaty/hot feeling while drinking my coffee and felt overheated before I even left the house. When […]

PMS, Fewer Miles + More Pure Barre

pure barre on demand seat workout

  My month of training with Laura ended last weekend. With my brain acting completely noncommittal to signing up for a fall half marathon, right now I am just winging my workouts until I can maybe make a decision over here. Until then, I am just going by feel with my mileage, workouts and Pure […]

Crying Over A Salad & Nighttime Snack Rut

greek salad

  I thought yesterday was Wednesday which would have made today Thursday but today is actually Wednesday which means yesterday was only Tuesday. Breakfast: Explain to me how people wake up and don’t eat breakfast. I will never relate or understand. Not hungry in the morning? You forgot to eat? Not interested in breakfast foods? You don’t have […]

The Bloat Is Real (TOL)

black boots

  My mind has been gearing up with major interest in training for the Long Island half marathon. The Long Island half marathon for this year is Sunday, May 7 which means I would start training in a few weeks. The only slight issue at the moment is my menstrual cycle. It may be another month before […]

I Almost Really Hurt My Foot (Workout Recap)

workout recap

I almost really hurt my foot Wednesday night and it was the scariest runner feeling as many of you who have dealt with injury know. This was the closest I have ever been to an injury that threatened to keep me off of my feet but luckily, I am okay! So what happened? Let’s see. I […]

new running shoes & workout recap

Brooks Glycerins 13

  I went to Runner’s Edge (my local runner’s shop) on Friday thinking I was going to buy some new running socks but ended up not only with new socks (Thorlos — love them) but with a new pair of running shoes in the process. I explained to the guy helping me (I felt bad for him, […]

WIAW- Food Over Medicine

nutrient dense salad

  **The winner of the Stur Giveaway is Liz from the blog, I Heart Vegetables ** So yesterday I decided that blog posts are like coloring books. I will often select a page to color, get half way through the pretty picture, lose interest in the pattern and flip the pages to find a new […]

Thinking Out Loud – Hormones Speak For Themselves

  My hormones have taken over my brain this week as well as today’s post. We women have all been lied to. Male friends, you may want to skip this part. They tell us that once we have children, the pain and cramping associated with our cycles will diminish. Don’t ask me who this “they” […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Vegetarian Diet Plateau

I was so glad and amused to hear yesterday just how many of us neglect our printers. I was starting to think I was just lazy  but as it turns out, most of us fail to replace the ink, fix paper jams or figure out why our silly printers stop functioning. Like my new Tuesday design? Look […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Girls Only

Well hello! I am here to report that yesterday’s run went pretty well: 4.25 miles at an easy pace. Well, easy until I spotted THAT GUY running ahead of me on MY PATH. He didn’t appear in my sight until I completed the third mile, and, when I spotted him about a quarter-mile ahead of me, I […]