Thinking Out Loud 2.18.16

crayola coloring

I had a dream about Cookie Crisp cereal the other night followed by a dream about Tropicana Orange Juice last night. Am I the only one not only having random food dreams but food dreams specifically focused on the breakfast foods of their childhood? I read this quick little article in Self Magazine about planks which I must have already known but forgot I […]

Pure Barre From Home & Workout Recap

pure barre

    It’s March 1st!!! I love the first day of March because it means we are inching our way towards the warmer weather, snow-free running paths and of course, flip flop season. It’s also National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day but in my world, every day is peanut butter day. Before I get to this week’s workout recap, I just […]

Weekly Workout Recap 12/15-12/21

weekly workout recap

  This was a great running week! I know I run lots of miles all of the time but there was just something about this week that kept me smiling. A couple of speedy runs, an easy run and a long run which all left me with that amazing little feeling which flows from the head down to the toes that screams – […]

WIAW – I Really Like Oatmeal And Ezekiel Bread

  Can we briefly discuss planks? I am no expert when it come strength training and core work but I have been working on it. In fact, I have been holding that plank position longer and longer each time. I think I am getting good at it. Or so I thought. Anyone else feel like their […]