Diet Nonsense + Recent Meals + Best Bagels

pizza bagel

I’m happy to report that I haven’t seen too much about January diets so far this year. You know, the whole new year, new diet, new challenge, new workout routine, “new you” nonsense? I stopped following so many of those types of influencers over the years because I can’t stand that mindset and the January approach […]

Recent Meal Highlights From The Last Few Days


I’ve had some problems with my site this week in terms of logging in so if you have experienced issues loading the blog too, I do apologize. Just a few food photos to share but really, is any week that different from the week before? I mean, maybe just a little this time around as […]

Pizzas and Salads (plus some thoughts on camp)

pizza bagel

  You know my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza from Mario’s that I eat with a salad, right? Well, this combination actually became my favorite dinner during the summer of 2018. My son was away on his teen tour when I discovered this was my meal and I continue to eat weekly, two years later. Speaking […]

Recent Meals + Trader Joe’s + Health Benefits Blood Oranges

Emilio's Chopped Vegetable Salad

Who else is happy to see it’s already Wednesday? I know I am. The three-day weekends are my favorite. I’m checking in today with recent meals (in no particular order), my most recent Trader Joe’s shop, and some info about blood oranges. Okay, so, just call me the pizza bagel queen. I mean, how delicious […]

Friday Favorites: Pizza + Shoes + TLC Shows

margarita pizza

Oh, hi. I meant to check in on Wednesday but I didn’t get a chance. At the last-minute Tuesday night, we went to the Islanders game which left me tired come Wednesday morning to finish a post. Here I am though, and it’s Friday! Not only is it Friday, but it’s also Friday before Hanukkah […]

Recent Trader Joe’s Shop + Whole Wheat Pizza Bagel

Trader Joe's cart

I put together a quick post detailing what I bought at Trader Joe’s this week! It wasn’t much of a food shop but it’s the basics for right now. Before I went to Trader Joe’s, I noticed that I still had whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce in the pantry along with chicken nuggets, french […]

Recent Meals + Pizza Bagel Craving

vegetable fajitas

    Last week I was trying to decide if I should highlight a full day of meals OR a variety of recent meals in Wednesday posts. Based on the comments and my opinion thrown in too, I have a feeling I will continue to rotate between the two ideas, depending upon the week. How […]

Best Friend Quotes + Pizza Bagel Night (TOL)

pizza bagel

    I feel like chatting via quotes today if that’s okay with you. I am so glad that I finally figured out how to take screenshots from my new laptop. Best friend quotes! Okay, so don’t get the wrong idea here. There are no dead bodies or any plans for dead bodies. I swear! […]

my weekends are best described through food

veggie pizza

  When I thought about doing a life lately/sentence per picture type post for today, I giggled a bit when checking out my photos, noticing that most of them are food. I guess it’s only natural that someone like me share life updates and recaps via what I eat since food is such a major part of […]

Weekend Recap and Mixing Up The Menu

Well hello!  I almost didn’t wake up on time for me this morning – between the sun rising later and later and my new cable box which lacks a clock on the display, I woke up in the dark and without seeing the time, assumed it was 3:00 am and went back to sleep. It was not 3:00 am. […]