Fall Race Calendar Conflict

October 2016 half marathon new york area options

  There are four fall half marathons in October that have been on my maybe I will run list for quite some time. I have been waiting until August 1st to make my decision as to which race(s) I will run but I am suddenly seeing a major conflict between my race calendar options and my menstrual cycle. I cannot plan […]

A Return To Normal – Workout Recap

workout recap

  Well this week was a slow return to normal after last week’s stomach virus. As soon as I started to feel more myself, I got my period < – bleh. I realize talking about my time of the month is on some level too much information but when it comes to running and my […]

Let’s talk About my Black pants


    Let’s talk about the black pants hanging in my closet. The black pants I bought at White House Black Market in 2013 when I was on the hunt for a new outfit to wear on the Dr. Oz Show (remember I was on television? Still so cool!) So the pants. I remember taking […]

Amenorrhea Talk

female athelete triad

  I have debated this post for a few weeks now because I didn’t want my blunt side to come across the wrong way but then I realized that if this topic and the way I go about addressing it hits you in what feels like an attacking manner, then you probably needed to hear it. We need […]

Know Your Weaknesses

knowing your weaknesses quote

  We are relentlessly reminded to recognize our strengths and be all YES I CAN because I CAN do anything! Now don’t get me wrong– I am all for having a positive attitude but we can’t always do everything, especially when it comes to fitness because we all have areas of weakness and limitations. And that’s okay! Knowing your limitations is not […]

The Johari Window

johari window

  So much of what I learned in school was useless. Okay, maybe not everything was completely useless but learning about the Aztecs and understanding Trigonometry (was that the math with SOH CAH TOA?) will forever seem as though I only needed to learn it to help my son with his homework, repeating the endless cycle […]

Thinking Out Loud – Random Things

    1. As freezing as it was last night on the Little League field, and trust me, it was beyond freezing, yesterday morning I woke up to gorgeous sunshine and warmish temperatures….but didn’t run. Any other day and I would have skipped the plan for crosstraining in the gym in favor of running outdoors […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Girls Only

Well hello! I am here to report that yesterday’s run went pretty well: 4.25 miles at an easy pace. Well, easy until I spotted THAT GUY running ahead of me on MY PATH. He didn’t appear in my sight until I completed the third mile, and, when I spotted him about a quarter-mile ahead of me, I […]