The Week, The Workouts & Apple Crisp

apple crisp

  Linking up with Meg’s Week in Review! Last week saw the return to our back to school routine as well as my usual running schedule. After a cut back week, I felt fresh and ready to roll out there! I have been running a bit later in the morning though as my son decided to take the bus […]

Birthday Weekend 2016

grandma's fudge cake

  I love birthdays! Thank you all so much for your birthday comments, emails and messages. So super sweet 🙂 I know we are all waiting to hear what I finally decided for my birthday cake. Let’s talk about the rest of the weekend a bit first and then I promise, cake details! The Workouts: I recapped Saturday morning’s […]

TOL- Unplugged, Runner’s Feet & My New Favorite Coloring Book

colored pencils

  Oh boy am I tired this morning. And yes, this tired statement of mine really deserves an exclamation point but tacking it on to an already tired complaint just makes me feel like I would be feeding the tired feeling even more. It was a beautiful night for hockey but gosh, these late games and the […]

Happy Birthday To Me

lindas fudge cake

Happy birthday to me and a happy Friday to you! That would be my dessert from last night. Of course my son and I ended up at The Cheesecake Factory and of course I had Linda’s Fudge Cake. In fact, looking back on my last two year’s worth of birthday blog posts, it seems I […]

Completely Random Thoughts Coming Your Way…

meaghan and me

    1. I do not like Gap workout apparel, mainly because the material (especially in the long-sleeve tops) holds a smell. Not a sweaty smell, not a detergent smell, just some sort of smell. I can’t even call it a bad smell. It’s just a smell that I don’t want in my clothes. I don’t like it. […]

The Friday Report

Finally Friday! I don’t know why, but I really felt like this week took forever. Besides today being Friday, there are few exciting things I have to report: The Hershey Park Half Marathon is officially on my race calendar! I finally registered yesterday after opening the page several times in the last few weeks only […]