#HolidayRunList And Pro Compression Discount Code!


  It’s bad enough that the stores feel the need to open at night on Thanksgiving but did you know that the Gap locations near me will be opened during the day on Thursday? So few are the moments in life where it’s okay and expected to hang out at home in your pajamas until 2:00 pm watching the parade followed […]

Hello From Florida

  Hello from Florida! I am up early this morning not to run and not because sleeping away from home was uncomfortable but because my friend keeps Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin coffee in the house and I couldn’t wait any longer to have a cup. Or two. She even got me Peanut Butter & Co. The main reason […]

Recipe Links And National Ice Cream Day

peanut butter co turkey hill ice cream

  Happy National Ice Cream Day! Okay, Red Mango isn’t technically ice cream but we had it yesterday so I am sharing the photo with you this morning. On the ice cream front though, we must locate this new Peanut Butter & Co./Turkey Hill collaboration special flavor: Let’s keep our eyes on the freezer cases in […]

Peanut Butter And Berry Quinoa

peanut butter and berry quinoa

  I had been mentally planning to run a four mile race this morning but was waiting until the last-minute to sign up because I wanted to ensure the weather forecast was ideal and that honestly, I didn’t have anything else on the agenda that I felt like doing instead. I love to run and I don’t […]

Peanut Butter Lover’s Day!

  Today is special! Not to be confused with one of my favorite childhood shows…Today’s Special. Anyone else remember the cute little mouse named Muffy? Anyway, back to why today is special. Not only is it the first day of March, which in my world is the unofficial first day of Spring, it is also […]

Three Tip Tuesday – PB2 and a fab recipe.

Yes, I am still excited about the new school year. Listen – I am not a mean mom. I do sympathize with the kids for having to sit through class all day and I hate homework as much as anyone else but what I do love is the routine and structure of the school day. […]

Robert McAvoy 5 Mile Race Recap (2013)

When I turned 35 a few months ago, I entered a new age bracket. And, I have concluded that checking the 35-39 box isn’t half bad. I decided at the last minute to run the Robert McAvoy 5-mile race in Long Beach yesterday morning and actually finished second for my age group. The weather was icky, sticky and misty. The boardwalk […]

Something To Be Proud Of…

Did you happen to catch the picture of my pantry on Instagram yesterday? Many thanks to my wonderful friends for commenting to inform me that I should be proud to have 23 jars of Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter stashed in my pantry. Make fun if you wish but in the event of a peanut famine […]

The Wednesday Food Report

Would you vote for me for Mother of the Year if I let you have mac and cheese for breakfast? In order to redeem myself from Sunday night when I was told that nothing I have to offer as a meal is appealing, I randomly asked the little boy if he wanted leftover mac and […]

Quick Hello and Peanut Butter Cookies

Notice anything different? The site is still a work in progress but it is slowly coming together. Please bear with me if you experience any glitches – I am so not patient when it comes to computers nor am I close to even being considered tech savvy… but I am learning. I also have no patience with the […]

Junk Miles and Bowls of Oatmeal

You know how we talked about procrastinating and being lazy yesterday? Well, I think it may actually be time I got a little bit lazy on the running front. I must admit that even though the sun was shining and the air was crisp, something in me just didn’t feel like running yesterday. Or doing any […]

Three Question Tuesday

We may have  to rename Spin Tuesday just plain Tuesday again. I don’t think I will be able to make it this morning to my favorite  9:45 am class, making it two weeks in a row that I will miss Spin Tuesday. Oh well. I prefer to workout early in the morning anyway. And really, I prefer […]