Life Lately in Food

chocolate cake

  I went through my phone and realized I have a ton of food pictures so today’s post will be recapping my life lately in food. The food is the important stuff anyway, right?! I felt bad going to Chopt without my son while he is away at camp since it’s his favorite place but […]

Trader Joe’s Pantry Favorites

Trader Joe's Pantry Favorites

  Would you believe I made it another whole week without going food shopping?! I’m all excited about this ridiculously minor feat in my life but I remain convinced that getting myself down to one good food shop a week will save me some money and free up my errand-running time for other things. I am […]

I Didn’t Go Food Shopping All Week & Weekly Dinner Plan

cheesecake factory salad

  I must inform you that I have gone a full week, as in 7 days, without walking into a grocery store. Somehow we have survived. I am hoping to hit up the grocery stores today and if I am lucky, I will get my food shopping just right again in order to avoid those midweek […]

Pure Barre Craving & Random Friday Stuff

nike sneaker boots

So I had a craving yesterday morning and it wasn’t for what you are thinking. As you know from reading my weekly workout recaps, I have been keeping up with Pure Barre from home by following the DVD versions of the classes on what pans out to an almost every other day basis. But sometimes, like yesterday morning, I sort of miss the actual Pure Barre studio […]