Good Salads, Life Moments & An Adjustment

meaghan and me

  Oh hi! Happy Monday 🙂 I have come to really like these Week in Review posts, thanks Meg for the link up! So I published five posts last week which feels huge for me right now because balancing event industry writing with my usual blog writing has been a bit harder to do these days. I […]

What I Ate Wednesday 9.21.16

veggie burger with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli

  Just because I haven’t mentioned my site issues in a few days doesn’t mean that everything is fixed. In fact, nothing is fixed! I have reached the point though where I realize that I can’t fix it myself and don’t have the strength or interest left in stressing over when someone else will get to […]

running, black bean pasta stats, what does friend even mean?

panera salad with a friend

  I woke up yesterday to a slow-moving blog which quickly led to the inability to log into my wordpress dashboard. I kept one window open trying to refresh my blog page while the Dream Host Live Chat wait window kept chiming to alert me 8 more minutes, 7 more minutes, hold on 4 more minutes and then […]

WIAW – Black Bean Pasta, Mets Game & Chipwiches


  Oh hi! I think my site is working correctly now! My plug-in’s are back and Dreamhost thinks that they found the plug-in that was causing all of the problems. There’s still some other nonsense about my site spiking and taking up too much space on servers but I am going to pretend I didn’t hear […]

Recent Eats & Recipes of Interest


  I came across a great collection of recipes to share again this week! I like sharing meal ideas this way, I think, instead of sharing our dinner plans for the week because for right now, I just can’t stick to meal planning too far in advance. I definitely do my food shopping with dinner […]

Thinking Out Loud 12.17.15

Panera Bread salad

  I apologize on behalf of technology if you had any issues logging into my site yesterday morning. Things were only down for about an hour or so but you better believe I was struggling to remain calm for those 60 minutes. Have I mentioned I hate computers and tech type things? I don’t speak […]

recent eats

panera salad

  When I think about my blog posts for the week, I always equate Wednesday with food. I don’t have a full day of eats for you today so I won’t be participating in the What I Ate Wednesday fun but I do have a whole bunch of meals I want to share with you […]

Weekend Stuff Per Picture

ice cream cone shirt

  You need this adorable shirt from Target… I hope Target comes out with more sweet inspired tops like this! So much cheaper than the Wild Fox versions in Bloomingdales. Would you believe I roasted all of these potatoes and vegetables to bring to my parents house for Passover and I didn’t sample any of it while it was […]

Weekend Highlights – Literally

Red Mango parfait

        Is it just me or does your first cup of coffee in the morning, especially the first cup on a Monday following a time change, go down in literally two sips? My mug is empty. How did that happen? I just brewed it three minutes ago. I had my hair done (fresh […]

Thinking Out Loud In February

maoz salad

  Thinking Out Loud posts help me to remember what day of the week it is. I don’t know about you but my days are a blur. Blurred by snow, ice and slush followed up with the sand and salt to treat the snow, ice and slush and then some more snow because we didn’t have […]

Totally Thinking Out Loud

Total randomness coming your way….   1. I need a new book to read. Actually, I just need a book to read. I am not in reading mode and haven’t been for at least a year. Interesting actually since it wasn’t all that long ago that I was polishing off two to three novels a week. […]