Recent Meals + Quick Stop At Trader Joe’s

trader joes

  Recent meals! Let’s get started. I had two dollars off a salad at Panera so I purposely worked from there during lunchtime the other day in order to take advantage of the deal. Another week, another salad from Chopt. This time, I went with spinach, romaine, quinoa, avocado, corn, sweet potatoes, and beets. Mexican […]

Recent Meals + Panera Salad + Trouble With Brussels Sprouts


Lots of recent meals to discuss! Let’s get started with some salads first. I told you the vegan cobb salad was becoming my favorite at The Cheesecake Factory. While I almost ordered my original favorite barbecue ranch salad, I ultimately went with the vegan cobb again, instead. It really is so good! Here’s my most […]

Picture Of My Pizza + Back To Panera + Isles Game

grandma pizza

  Remember on Monday when I said I needed my son to take the picture of my pizza because I left my phone in the car? Well, he finally sent the picture to me. We were at La Piazza (the Plainview location for local readers) and they had a grandma pizza with vegetables so I […]

Quick Look At What I Ate Yesterday

zucchini marinara

  Quick look at what I ate yesterday! My oatmeal is of course unpictured but it’s worth noting that I’m realizing my days of adding fresh organic strawberries to my post-run oatmeal are probably dwindling. I really like blueberries with strawberries after my run in my oatmeal but as we change seasons, I will be […]

Quick Look At What I Ate Yesterday

blackout cake

Just a really quick look at what I ate yesterday! Obviously no breakfast pictures since I gave up remembering to take them! Maybe worth reporting is that I add organic strawberries in the summer to my post run bowl of oatmeal with the blueberries in place of diced apples. My breakfast is very similar to this recipe, […]

Recent Meals + Tried Greek Cove

greek cove

I have a few recent meals to share today! In no particular order, let’s jump right in… I worked from Panera on Monday so that I could really focus. It’s not so much that I really felt like working from Panera on Monday, it was more because my son finished his last final in the […]

Recent Meals + Two Recipes


  A few recent meals + two recipes to discuss today! Sushi Sushi lunch specials are the best. They come with a salad (or soup but I never pick soup) plus two (or three) rolls. I picked two rolls this time:  a shrimp avocado roll and a veggie roll. Panera I’ve had my go-to Panera […]

Former Favorite Meal + Good Salads + Links

stir fry

  Another Nor’Easter here in New York today! Bleh. I’m trying not to care too much as we are inching closer to spring (and summer!) every day now. Schools are closed and I’m watching the weather on the news at the moment. The rain/snow line is really confusing. How much snow and/or rain we are […]

Yesterday’s Meals + Tomato Soup + Bored With Dinner

panera tomato soup and salad

So I have a question before we take a look at what I ate yesterday. Do we prefer seeing a full day of meals (as in, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert) or do we prefer when I round-up a whole bunch of recent eats from the last few days? Please let me know as I try […]

Finally Tried Halo Top + Monday’s Meals

lunch at Panera

    I finally tried Halo Top plus I’ve got a full day of food from Monday to discuss so let’s get started! Breakfast: I’ve been on borrowed time with the cheap price of strawberries for a few weeks now. I had gotten really used to strawberries and blueberries (frozen blueberries though) in my oatmeal […]

Monday In Meals (WIAW 8.9.17)

hummus platter

  Oh, hi. I’ve got my Monday in meals today for What I Ate Wednesday! Breakfast: I woke up tired and starving. Last week’s workouts really amped up my appetite over the last few days! It’s really been a while since I felt that true bottomless pit feeling in my stomach that can come from […]

Forgot The Cinnamon, Trader Joe’s & Recent Eats

Trader Joe's

  Even though my workouts didn’t go as planned last week, my mood was PMS-free! Everything (and everyone) was so much easier to tolerate. My biggest issue last week was going to Trader Joe’s TWO TIMES for cinnamon and leaving BOTH TIMES without cinnamon. I need cinnamon for my oatmeal! How screwed up can a person be to keep going to Trader Joe’s for cinnamon […]