Life Tips Which Apply To More Than Planning A Wedding

red mango

  As much as I mention the three races coming up this weekend, I haven’t given the actual running of them too much thought. I just figure that running three races in 24 hours kind of implies that my typical race pace is out the window because there is no way I can run hard  each and […]

Organize Your Life To Organize Your Mind

organize your life to organize your mind

I have decided that the back to school time of year should be considered its own season. And, at the very least, the season should be more widely known as a fresh start and a new year. I mean, even the new agenda planners come out this time of year and start off with September […]

Shake-Out Run and AllSeated For Your Events

  Everyone handles the day after a race very differently. Some take the day off, some opt for an easy shake out run or cross training session in the form of a walk, yoga class, light stretching or elliptical-type machine. I have yet to take a complete day of rest after a race because I find […]

Midweek Report

I sat down bright and early this morning to write this post when suddenly my computer decided to shut down and begin 30 minutes of updates. Thankfully, because I am always ahead of schedule, those 30 minutes did not affect my routine. Although it completely annoyed me. I may be “summer messy” but I am […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Organization

Good morning Spin Tuesday! Ok, so I am not all that excited for a grueling hour of intense spinning but I am slightly looking forward to checking out the new spin bikes. I hate to report that I have not had the chance to get to Lifetime to test out those new treadmills. I know that so many of […]