What I Ate Wednesday – 3.2.16

What I Ate Wednesday

Before we get to the What I Ate Wednesday food fun, I wanted to thank you for your kind comments and emails regarding yesterday’s post. I know we all go through different experiences in life so I hope that by sharing a bit of my own stuff, I can help someone else, even if the situation […]

My Meatless Diet

my meatless diet

  A close friend of mine recently told me that although she has been a carnivore all of her life, she is starting to consider a meatless diet and wanted my thoughts on the subject. Of course I took the time to talk to her in full detail and of course I decided that our conversation made for a great […]

Allergic to Strawberries & Muffin Recipe

  Recently I tried Panera’s Power Almond Quinoa Oatmeal. Honey and Cinnamon on the side; I wish they had peanut butter, it needed peanut butter! I ordered the oatmeal without the almonds because I am allergic to almonds, especially in their raw form. And that red apple you see on the side of the tray? […]

WIAW- Random Food Talk

smiley face lunch

  I have random food related things to tell you about so today’s What I Ate Wednesday post may appear more like a ramble and less like it’s usual structured self. Cherries were finally on sale this week so I made my way to the store as fast as I could to pick up a […]

Oral Allergy Syndrome

oral allergy syndrome

  Since it is National Allergy Awareness Week, I thought I would bring to a light a less commonly talked about or even known about allergy, one that I have suffered with my entire life only in recent years understanding what the heck was actually wrong with me. As a little girl, I often felt like […]