Oprah + On A Serious Note + On This Day

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    I caught an episode of Oprah’s Life Class the other night which made me realize once again that Oprah is the best. Every weekday afternoon at 4:00 PM I still think of her and miss watching her show as I did for so many years after school and even as an adult. On […]

What I Learned About Myself After Watching Oprah & Ayanla

  I caught an episode of Oprah the other day! Okay so it wasn’t the real Oprah Winfrey Show we remember but it was indeed Oprah doing one of her special episodes on the OWN Network and I was really excited to watch! Do you ever watch Oprah’s friend Ayanla? She has a show called Ayanla: Fix […]

Coffee Makes Us Kinder People & Other Thoughts

    Because it’s Thursday and this sums up my current mindset. We had another snow day on Monday which I don’t think I told you about. If we want to get technical here it was more of an ice day than a snowstorm day but that doesn’t matter at this point. What matters is that my […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Oprah’s Life Class

My love for Oprah started in the third grade. While I was still wrapped up in playing Barbie dolls, my good friend Kelly was way ahead of me. One afternoon during our play date, she introduced me to Phil Donahue… and then Oprah. Donahue was fine but Oprah, well Oprah will forever hold a special place in […]