Thought Per Picture (August 2017)

dark chocolate covered strawberries

    Starting the week off with a thought per picture! My son was in Toronto last week with his teen tour. He was kind enough to send me a picture from Niagara Falls. I remember doing the Maid of the Mist attraction thing at Niagara Falls when I was his age! I was craving […]

Best Onion Rings In New York (plus recent eats)

onion rings

    I’m on a mission to locate the best onion rings in New York. It’s not really a new mission for me really, just one I talk about often without consistently working towards until now. After last week’s epic onion rings disappointment at Surf’s Out, I became even more fixated on locating the best […]

Currently Going On & Recent Eats

cold stone

  I don’t think that I have ever done a “currently” post but it seemed like the best theme for today’s week in review. Writing: I have been writing NONSTOP for the event industry work that I do to the point where last week felt like one long day. Good thing I enjoy what I write though, it […]

Favorite Foods From The Weekend

grandma pizza

  Oh hi! I am just popping in real quick with my favorite foods from the weekend! I really enjoyed the farm salad at Zinburger and also liked that it was a decent size. Normally I think that Zinburger’s salads are too tiny. My appetite cannot stand a small salad! This farm salad comes with all the good stuff like avocado, […]

What I Ate Wednesday July 20, 2016

dinner at The Main Event

  Let’s take a quick look at what I ate yesterday! Breakfast: I was up early, making my first cup of coffee while preparing oatmeal. I typically cook four servings of oatmeal at a time which means I only have to prepare oatmeal a couple of times a week, sometimes more often depending on if my son […]

My Second Walk To Fire Island

fire island selfie

    We went for a walk yesterday to Fire Island. Fire Island is a barrier island located off the south shore of Long Island in New York. The island spans 32 miles in length and averages less than a mile in width. There are no paved roads on Fire Island and only service and emergency vehicles are […]

A Mile In My Shoes

It’s fun sometimes for me to look back at old blog posts to read what I was doing and saying a year ago. Like a year ago today I recapped the walk to Fire Island. The onion rings were totally worth the walk to Surf’s Out on Fire Island. Possibly the best onion rings ever in my life. […]

Chocolate Fondue Is My Favorite


  Where did June go? Has anyone else realized next Friday is the Fourth of July which means somewhere between now and then June will end and July will begin? I don’t even understand. It is all a blur. This whole week is a blur as well. A good blur of graduation parties, ceremonies, good […]

Copycat Cheesecake Factory Barbecue Ranch Salad

  Monday morning inspirational quote: That Dr. Seuss was quite wise. If you follow me on instagram, you saw that I steered myself in the direction of Whole Foods on Friday. I really just needed a few key items: The Bell & Evans Chicken Nuggets were on sale, I was out of steel-cut oatmeal (remember, […]

Thinking Out Loud- Pretzel Spoonz And An Ah-Ha Moment

  In honor of Amanda, our Thinking Out Loud host, check out the newest pretzels from Snyders: Pretzel Spoonz! Click on the image or here for the link to the Hungry Girl article all about these new perfect-for-dipping Pretzel Spoonz. I love a fun utensil but I never really cared for the pretzel. Are you a pretzel […]

Quinoa And Ants On A Different Log

  Let’s start this week off with a direct quote from my horoscope: “While you don’t have A WAY to influence the future right now, you do have THE POWER to influence it, so think only happy, hopeful thoughts.” I like that. A lot. Saturday’s Long Run. On the treadmill. Let’s discuss. One of my biggest […]