Three-Ingredient Pancake With Chia Seeds

three ingredient pancake

  Did you eat breakfast yet? OK good, I am glad I caught you. You need to tweak the two-ingredient pancake to include a third ingredient. Chia Seeds. Known for thickening just about anything they are added to, chia seeds added as our third ingredient thicken our pancake and make it that much better than […]

Sunshine Cookies

Happy Heat Wave Monday…Today begins what is looking like at least 5 straight days of 90 degrees and higher. Add in the humidity and I think I will actually use my gym membership this week. I am sure no one will be shocked to hear that I chose to run 4 miles yesterday instead of going […]

Run, Read and Eat Happy

Oh rainbow shoes how I loved you. Lesson learned. Do not judge a book by it’s cover. Although on a side note, I always seem to gravitate towards the novels with the pretty covers that have a picture of a cupcake, brownie or ice cream cone and they usually come through for me as great […]