recent eats: salad combinations & new favorite bagel

bagel and salad

Before we get to some of my recent eats from the last few days, I wanted to say thank you for the great comments on Monday’s post. It seems more than a few of us are looking to put less of a focus on our next meal. Please remember, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t […]

WIAW – Lots of Sea Salt & Salad

cheesecake factory salad

Jumping right in to what I ate yesterday! Breakfast: Pre-Run: Coffee, water, small bowl of oatmeal with mashed banana. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than my post-run oatmeal especially when served in an almost empty peanut butter jar. Remember a few months ago when I sort of fell off the peanut butter wagon? Well, […]

Monday in Meals (WIAW)

power salad

I had gotten myself a little too busy working on Bar Mitzvah stuff over the last several days rather than working on a post for yesterday so if you were wondering where I was, there’s the answer. In fact, should I continue to randomly miss my normal posting days between now and October 15th, that will […]

Do I Really Need It?

Cold Smores

  This post idea came to me during Saturday’s long run as I was thinking about my favorite post run breakfast. I asked myself, “Do I really need oats in a jar after every long run?” Yes, yes I do. While I adore oatmeal for breakfast any morning of the week, there’s just something about this combination […]

National Running Day & Recent Eats

national running day

  It feels like I was just making my National Running Day badge for last year and here we are again! National Running Day is always the first Wednesday in June which makes me happy because it is always around my birthday, if not on my birthday, which happened two years ago! For more info on […]

2014 Long Island Half Marathon Recap

  Yep, I finished the Long Island Half Marathon! Three minutes slower than last year but I will take it.   I am never one to stress over anything but this race was an exception. After last month’s Fitness Magazine half where I didn’t feel well and had to stop, I couldn’t get the feeling out of […]