No Bake Trail Mix Bites – Two Recipes!

Did you try making the donuts yet? I meant to. I really did. Instead of playing with my new donut pan yesterday,  I got caught up playing with my mini muffin pan making these no-bake trail mix bites. Earlier in the week, I decided to create these bites for the little boy so that he could have a […]

Three Tip Tuesday!

Remember how happy I was on Saturday to report that my last long run before this Sunday’s half marathon was uneventful? Well ever since a few hours after that post, I have been randomly nursing an injured left shoulder. Without any clue how I injured it, especially how I managed to injure it while running. […]

Proud Member of Healthy Living Blogs!

Is it me or did this week fly by? We discussed so many important and fun topics this week perhaps it made the time go fast..either way…Happy Friday friends! Speaking of important topics, if you notice on the right side of my page, there is a new badge – The Cookie ChRUNicles is now a […]